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Five Money-Saving Tips To Help You Get Fit For Summer

Looking to get in shape for the summer but don't want to spend a fortune? We've got you covered. You don't need an expensive gym membership or a Peloton subscription to get fit. If you want to transform your body this summer, here are some inexpensive ways to do it.

  1. APPly yourself!

There are loads of free apps available to help you kickstart your fitness regime. Many of us want to run a 5K for charity, for fun, or just to prove that we can. If you've never run a 5K before, you should look for a little guidance. While there is an official Couch to 5K running plan, other running apps are both free and offer alternative features that may help you achieve your goals.Runkeeper is free, easy to use, and allows aspiring runners to track distances and pace, as well as set goals.

The 7-minute workout is a quick and easy way to raise your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. Even though the time is limited, you can get in a good workout if you give it your all and maintain a high intensity throughout. The 7-Minute Workout App by 7M is professionally designed, with workouts that are short and effective and that you can do anytime, anywhere. No equipment needed!

Daily Yoga is one of the most popular free yoga apps because it encourages daily practice, which aids in the development of healthy habits. If you have trouble remembering to do your yoga workout, the Daily Yoga app may be the best yoga app for you.

  1. Go viral

YouTube is another excellent source of free health and wellbeing inspiration. Fitness coach Joe Wicks' 'The Body Coach TV' is one of the most popular fitness YouTube channels in the UK. Joe is well-known for his support of high-intensity workouts, so it's no surprise that his fitness YouTube channel contains plenty of HIIT sessions. His channel will never bore you because he consistently uploads new workouts every week. He has a variety of routines for beginners as well as some pretty intense workouts for those looking for a challenge.

Adriene Mishler's mission is to connect as many people as possible through high-quality free yoga videos. Yoga For Beginners and Foundations of Yoga are two of her YouTube series. These give you all the tools you need to develop a happy, healthy at-home yoga practice.

YouTube Fitness isn't just for how-to-exercise videos and workout guides; there are also plenty of fitness lifestyle channels from influencers like Molly Bailey. She regularly posts fun vlogs about her weight loss journey or films her real-life morning routine. If you're looking for meal prep ideas, be sure to check out her healthy grocery tips, too.

  1. Gear up

Instead of spending a fortune on gym memberships or expensive exercise equipment, consider some of these budget-friendly alternatives.

Gumtree or Freecycle are perfect for finding unwanted bikes or other equipment that people are looking to give away. So not only can you find quality exercise equipment without spending a lot of money, it's also an environmentally friendly option that helps to reduce waste.

Stores like Decathlon offer a wide range of affordable fitness equipment. From weights and resistance bands to yoga mats and foam rollers, there are plenty of options available that won't hurt the bank balance.

If you're on a tight budget, you can also improvise with items that you already have in your home. Tins of beans or water bottles can be used as makeshift weights, while kids' skipping ropes or hula hoops can be used for cardiovascular exercise. You can also invest in multi-use kit, such as a Swiss ball or TRX suspension trainer, which can be used for a variety of exercises and won’t take up much space.

  1. Two’s company

If you want to get in shape while also making new friends, group sessions are the way to go! The good news is that most areas of the UK have plenty of free or low-cost group sessions that you can join.

Parkrun is a popular option because it’s a free, weekly 5k run that takes place in parks all over the world. Another option is to look into local boot camps. These are usually held outside and are led by a certified fitness instructor. While some boot camps are quite expensive, there are many low-cost options available that provide a challenging workout at a reasonable price.

Community centre classes are also a great way to get involved in group fitness sessions. Many community centres offer a range of classes, from yoga and Pilates to dance and aerobics, at a low cost. It's a savvy way to try out different types of exercise and meet new people at the same time.

  1. Affordable activewear

You don't need to spend a fortune to look good and feel comfortable during your workout. There are plenty of affordable activewear options available that are both stylish and functional.

High-street retailer Primark offers a fantastic range of affordable workout kits, including leggings, sports bras, and tops that won't cost you a fortune.

Several sporting goods retailers also offer affordable activewear. M&M and Sports Direct are good options for finding cheap running shoes that won't compromise on comfort or quality.

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