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Does applying for a loan affect my credit rating?

Most lenders will perform a credit search before agreeing to give you a loan. This in itself doesn’t affect your credit rating but the search leaves a mark or footprint on your credit file.

If the lender that you have applied to uses a 'hard' credit search then you will be left with a search footprint on your credit record and other lenders can see this information.

Everyday Loans uses “soft searching” technology to protect your credit file

If you apply to us, we use a leading credit reference agency to perform a “soft” credit search. This type of search does not leave a footprint on your credit file that can be seen by other lenders. Only you can see this search on your record, other lenders cannot.

Applying to Everyday Loans will not affect your credit rating

We will only register a full search on your credit record if you actually get a loan from us. We pride ourselves in offering a range of loans suitable for all credit types and thanks to our soft search methodology, you can apply with confidence.

Do other lenders use soft searching?

Most lenders still use the old fashioned 'hard' credit search. If you have a high number of these 'hard' search footprints on your credit record, this is likely to reduce your chances of getting credit because lenders use this data as one of the factors to help determine whether you are a good or bad risk.

If you are struggling with bad credit and therefore make several applications in a short space of time, many lenders will take this as a reason not to lend money to you - even though the outcome of those applications isn’t visible to them via your credit record.

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