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Loans For Couples With Bad Credit

Suffering from the reality of a poor credit score? It happens to many adults across the country. If you have bad credit and it is making it difficult for you to get a loan, then you might wish to consider an unsecured loan for couples. It’s an option available to you that is slightly different from our usual individual loans process.

We are here to help secure you the finance you need on terms to suit you. Everyday Loans can offer loans ranging from £1000 to £15000, helping you receive the funds you need to stay ahead and to invest in what matters most to you and your partner.

If you have a partner that is happy to apply with you, our loans for couples might be available to you when other lenders would decline you due to bad credit scores.

At Everyday Loans, we want you to be fully informed of your decision on taking a loan. Taking a loan as a couple – even if you have bad credit – is a great option to consider. You’re essentially stronger together in your application, making it a unique proposition with its own benefits.

There are certain advantages to applying for a joint loan. Firstly, we will assess the application based on both of your credit scores, so the combined score can be stronger than the individual. That’s a big benefit if your individual scores might leave you unable to be accepted by us or other lenders.

Secondly, we will also take both your incomes into account. This will help you with your affordability for the loan; if your incomes are uneven or insufficient individually for a loan that meets your needs, your combined amount could meet the requirements for the finance you need.

There’s an important difference to be aware of in your application as a couple with Everyday Loans. If you do take a loan for couples, then both you and your partner will have to sign the credit agreement together. This means that keeping up with repayments is the responsibility of both parties.

If you stop paying the loan before it is fully repaid, then both your credit records will be damaged by any non-payment. Sharing this responsibility is an important consideration for taking your loan as a couple. While applying together may make your loan more accessible, we always encourage you to make a fully informed decision when it comes to money.

If your application is accepted, your loan could be the boost you need financially to meet your payment obligations and to build a brighter future together as a couple. If you wish to make an application for a joint loan with a partner, please call your local branch.