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Frequently Asked Questions

We're committed to being fair and transparent with all of our customers.

If you have a question, we’ve almost certainly been asked it before, so please have a look at these handy FAQs.

Should you need anything explained in more detail, please contact your local branch for support. They are happy to help.

New Customers

How much can I borrow and what will it cost?
What documents must I bring to the meeting?
How long will my branch appointment take?
Do I have to visit a branch to finalise my loan?
What does Conditional Approval mean?
What is the difference between the rate of interest and the APR?
What is interest?

Existing customers


Early settlement – How is interest calculated?
I have had a deferment – what is my new loan end date?

Repayment Questions

I am finding it difficult to pay my monthly instalment. What can I do?
I’m now able to make a payment; what can I do?
I’ve had a problem this month but expect to be back to normal next month. What should I do?
My disposable income has decreased, what can I do?
What happens if I don’t contact you regarding missed payments?
What is the impact of paying a lump sum onto my account?
What is the impact on my account when I change my due date?
Can I arrange for a third party to discuss my account on my behalf?
Why can’t I borrow more? – I’ve been told my credit score is too low
Can I have a payment holiday?

Guarantor Loans

I have a guarantor loan with TrustTwo or George Banco. Where can I find more information?