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Loans for Home Improvement

Home improvement is either a pleasurable hobby or an urgent requirement! Whether you are improving your property or taking care of an unexpected problem, it isn’t free and can put you in a tricky spot financially. We’re here to support you if your home improvement budget has left you scratching your head.

Maybe you need to convert the spare room into a nursery or perhaps extend your sitting room or refit your central heating. Whatever it is you need to do to make your home a better place to live, Everyday Loans can help you with a loan to improve your home.

Home improvement loans can add value to your property and taking out an unsecured personal loan can be a good way to fund this. It’s an investment into the future value of your home and can potentially pay for itself in part or in full as the worth of the building grows.

There’s another possibility where home improvement is concerned: something broke! Houses are filled with devices like boilers that will need replacing as time passes. This can be an expensive surprise for you as a home-owner and it’s a common story to be left in a tight spot financially as a result of something breaking or failing.

There are millions of home-owners across Britain who have tallied up what they need and come up a little bit short. Everyday Loans is committed to making your requirements and dreams a reality with a direct loan that suits you.

We also know that not everyone’s credit history is perfect. Mistakes happen, and many responsible adults are turned down by other lenders because of a history they are working to build back up. We are more flexible than other providers and it is our goal to make home improvement loans available to those with bad credit when they need it most.

With your direct loan from us, you can take care of your home improvement needs in full and repay your loan on a schedule that spreads the costs evenly. Before you know it, your DIY project or replacement will be completed, and your house value may positively be affected.

Everyday Loans offers loans for home improvement for people with bad credit, so why not apply now and see if we can help you create your perfect home. It’s what we are here to do – help you.