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Wedding Loans

If you need a loan for your wedding, Everyday Loans may be able to help. We are a UK based lender that specialises in working with
all credit scores

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Representative Example: Borrowing £3,000 over 24 months at an interest rate of 71.3% p.a. (fixed), you will repay 24 monthly payments of £237.75 per month. Interest Payable £2,706. Total Repayable £5,706. Representative 99.9% APR.

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to be perfect. Unfortunately, perfect weddings often come with a big price tag. That is where Everyday Loans comes in. We may be able to offer unsecured wedding loans to help you make your big day magical.

Our wedding loans are perfect for couples having trouble covering the costs for some, or all of their expenses. This includes the dress, flowers, venue, transport and even the cake. If you have big ideas but a small budget we may be the answer. Everyday Loans personal loans can help you finance your big day even if you have bad credit. Don’t let past money mistakes hurt your future. Simply fill out our easy online application and we will give you a conditional decision in minutes. Better still, our soft search technology means your application will not hurt your credit.

How it all works

With everyday loans, you're more than just your credit score. Here at everyday we look at your credit future, not just your credit history. As such even if you have bad credit now or you've had a poor credit score in the past, we may be able to help.

There are 3 simple steps to taking out an everyday loans loan. All of our loans are subject to status and affordability.

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Complete our short
    application form

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Get an initial decision
    in minutes

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Pop into your local branch
    to complete your loan

Why choose everyday loans?

  • Applying with us won't affect your credit score. We use Soft Searching Technology which means even if you're unsuccessful; it won't go against your credit file.
  • We offer loans to those with a less than perfect credit score. You'll need to be over 18, a UK resident and be able to afford repayments.
  • We're a direct lender not a broker. We'll NEVER charge you a fee to consider your application.
  • We'll give you a conditional decision in just minutes.
  • You can borrow from £1,000 up to £15,000 over a minimum term of 18 months up to 60 months, for almost any purpose. Loans not for business, gambling or illegal purposes. Maximum APR 299%
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The cost of a wedding in the UK has been steadily increasing for more than a decade and for many, a dream wedding can seem out of reach. Unfortunately, that means brides and grooms are having to make some tough choices when it comes to how they plan their special day. To help solve this problem, we at Everyday Loans offer unsecured wedding loans to help you spread the cost of your ceremony. An unsecured loan could help you afford to have the wedding of your dreams now and pay for it over 18 to 60 months.

At Everyday Loans, we understand that you are more than your credit rating. That is why we have provided wedding loans to people across the UK. If you have bad credit or are unsure of your credit situation, we may be able to help.

Where other lending agencies would decline you, we can be more flexible and consider your future as well as your past. That’s different from other lenders and it's why Everyday Loans is used by people throughout Britain each and every month.

If you need some money to finance your big day, an unsecured personal loan can be a great option. Our online “Soft Search” application process doesn’t hurt your credit score, so you can rest assured that your loan application will not leave a black mark on your credit report. Making payments on your loan with us could also improve your credit score. That’s an added bonus for anyone currently working on boosting their credit..

Alongside wedding loans, we also offer joint loans. That means you can apply on your own, as a couple or even with a friend or relative. Apply now to find out if we can help make your big day even better. With your loan approved, it’s a simple matter of coming into a local Everyday Loans branch for a friendly appointment where the details of your loan are finalised and agreed.

Must-have information on loans for weddings

That special day is on the way, and we all know and appreciate just how much of an investment a wedding can be in a financial sense as well as a personal one! As we grow as adults we all become familiar with the large expenses that can appear unexpectedly, such as investing in a property or a life event like a wedding. We’re here to support your dreams of a wonderful wedding occasion with a loan that works for you, even if you’ve been turned down before by other lenders.

  • Q1: Are your loans OK to use for weddings?

    We specialise in a loans service that is tailored to help people whose credit rating is stopping them from receiving financial assistance from other lenders. Your larger banks like Barclaycard or HSBC will offer loans for legitimate purposes like a wedding, but their criteria are strict, and a lower credit score may stop you from being accepted. By comparison, our loans are more lenient.

  • Q2: Can you give me a run-down of what APR is?

    The phrase APR stands for annual percentage rate. It refers to the amount you will repay throughout your loan. This can be a slightly more complicated subject than you might think, as compound interest is used to calculate APR (more on that at this link). This means that it isn’t as straightforward as paying £1,100 back on a 10% £1,000 loan. Fortunately, our friendly advisors at your local Everyday Loans branch are experts at breaking this down clearly without any excessive jargon so you can get back to wedding planning!

  • Q3: I’m concerned my application will affect my credit rating. Will it?

    For an Everyday Loans loan, it won’t. We make use of special Soft Search technology; this means that even if you make an application and are refused, you won’t get a mark placed on your record.

    Other lenders may not offer this. Your credit rating may be negatively affected if, for instance, you make a high volume of wedding loan applications in a short space of time and are refused. This is because this may be seen as you badly needing finances but being refused by many lenders, which can make others more cautious of accepting your application. This isn’t a danger with us.

  • Q4: Can my loan improve my credit rating?

    There is the potential for your credit rating to go up after your loan is concluded, but there’s a very important distinction to make here. The act of making a wedding loan for that special day and being accepted has no effect; it is instead the repayments that matter. If you take a loan out and repay on-time throughout its duration, your credit rating will be positively affected. It’s the proven repayments that matter, not the initial acceptance.

Our Process FAQs

Your one-stop spot for easy online information on our loans. Always keep in mind that we design our service to be fast and easy for you to use, and we make sure to have competent advisors a phone-call or email away to help as needed. Less loan stress helps when planning for that big day!

  • Q1: Does taking a loan with you take a lot of time?

    We do our best to make it as fast as possible. Once you’ve made your online application, you will get what is called by us a conditional approval. This means we’re handing the wedding loan application over to whatever branch is closest to you, where a meeting is arranged with an advisor. It’s there that you meet in person and finalise all the details of the loan. The money is sent quickly after that’s done.

  • Q2: What must I have to make a loan application with Everyday Loans?

    We are more lenient than other providers regarding your credit score. What we do need to see, however, is this: A UK bank account, employment and evidence of you being a UK resident. That’s it! With those bases covered, you can make an application on our website.

  • Q3: Can I get extra money on my loan?

    Top ups to your wedding loan are granted on a case-by-case basis. We need to have seen that you have made on-time repayments to your loan thus far, and we can’t guarantee we will offer extra funds. Requests for top-ups are made via your local branch. We understand weddings can be costly and always want to help where we can.

  • Q4: Are you direct lenders?

    Everyday Loans is a direct lender with our HQ located in Buckinghamshire in the lovely town of Bourne End! We’re all about helping those who need it through our loans service.