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How To Save Money At Christmas

As we move steadily towards the festive season, it’s time to think about what your finances can realistically cover. Done right, a well-planned Christmas can bring your loved ones together without causing financial stress and uncertainty in the months to follow. Let’s cover a few points.

Remember logistics are under pressure

Outside of any potential government-imposed restrictions on travel, it’s also important to keep in mind the state of logistics across the country and the wider world. As we’ve seen recently with petrol prices, the availability of transport staff and supplies has led to price hikes – and this extends to other goods, too.

This means that we’re not as likely to see extensive late-Christmas deals as we otherwise would have. If you know what you want to get your family and loved ones this year, you’d be well served by purchasing as far in advance as possible.

Be careful with gift cards

Gift cards can be a tempting option for that hard to shop for relative. However, there are some things to think about before you buy. First of all, gift cards have expiry dates. It is important to check when a card will expire and if there are any other terms or conditions.  

Second, some businesses may close permanently, especially with the pressure from the pandemic. This could leave you with a gift card for a company that no longer exists and no way to get your money back. 

Both of these factors should not stop you from buying gift cards but you should consider them before you convert cash, which is accepted anywhere, into something that you can only use in one place.

Check those delivery dates

We already covered how the pandemic is causing higher prices but it is also making delivery times longer. We’re in a unique year where waiting until the last minute is riskier than ever before; even with delivery dates stating a range prior to Christmas, it’s more probable that suppliers will be late with deliveries – especially if they are outsourced in a rush.

Make sure that you figure out what you want to give your loved ones well in advance, and make your orders a little sooner than you might do in a normal year. You won’t be liable to miss out on deals and you’ll avoid the unpleasant risk of an email in your inbox advising of an extra week or two on your delivery.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

It’s been another challenging year for us all, and it’s a wonderful time to come together in December and enjoy the company of those we’re closest to. Be safe and have fun!

Posted in Budgeting on Nov 08, 2021.

Jason Bovington

Written by Jason Bovington - COO

Jason became Chief Operating Officer in July 2022. He joined Everyday Loans initially in 2006 as part of the start up team implementing the credit risk strategy and building the analytical capability as Head of Credit Risk and Analytics. In his time with Everyday Loans he has also held the roles of Chief Risk Officer and Chief Credit Officer. Prior to joining Everyday Loans Jason spent 10 years at HFC Bank with his last role there being Credit Risk Director and prior to that he was part of the Credit Risk team at Lloyds TSB.

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