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Points of Interest: Stoke

Stoke on Trent was originally formed around 6 towns in the early 20th century. These towns included Stoke Upon Trent where the town hall and railway station are located along with Hanley, Turnstall, Longton, Fenton & Burslem.

Stoke on Trent is the epicentre of the Pottery industry in England though now sports many service industries and large distribution centres. Around 1842, many coal miners from Hanley & Longton ignited the General Strike and related Pottery riots. Approximately 20,000 people in Stoke On Trent were employed by the coal mines in North Staffordshire up until 1994 when the last mine was closed down.

Stoke on Trent set many records with it’s mining industry at the time such as at the Walstanton Colliery which had the deepest mining shafts in Europe at 3,197ft. The Whitfield Colliery was the first in the country to mine one million tons of coal and the combined Trentham Superpit was the first mine in Europe to produce 2.5 million tons.