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Oldham Branch

If you’ve searched for your local branch using our branch finder and found this page you can now either apply online to pass your application to us, or contact us using the details on this page.

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Points of Interest: Oldham

The Pennines are a beautiful place, and they are home to an established town of 100,000 residents in the form of Oldham. One of Greater Manchester’s longest standing towns, the location has a serious heritage relating to the industrial revolution.

Known at the time as a ‘boomtown’, Oldham was one of the very first places in the entire country to embrace – and subsequently grow spectacularly quickly – the very new cotton and textiles industry. At the peak of the industrial revolution, Oldham was the most productive manufacturing centre of these materials in the entire world and placed a massive role in the overall economy of the country at the time.

Since then, of course, the textiles industry has declined and spread globally. Oldham now has moved its economy to be aimed as a centre for modern businesses in addition to higher education and performing arts. The impact of the industrial revolution can still be seen in the architecture of the town, however, with many of the cotton mills and related buildings having been renovated or used as museum pieces. History remains important to the town, with a range of museums such as the Saddleworth offering glimpses into the various facets of the town’s rich past and heritage.

Nowadays, there’s much to offer residents and visitors. The Dovestone Reservoir ranks as number one on local attractions and is situated in an area of wildly beautiful rolling hills. More central attractions such as the Tandle Hill Country Park and Lancaster Park & Animal Farm make day trips a fun and the convenient possibility for those so inclined.

A wonderful town and one that is vitally important to tell the full story of the country’s heritage and past. Our Everyday Loans branch is in a great place indeed.