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North Tyneside Branch

If you’ve searched for your local branch using our branch finder and found this page you can now either apply online to pass your application to us, or contact us using the details on this page.

If you have already submitted an application to us and want to know what the next stage is, please give us a call on 0191 917 1231.

If you would like us to call you back, enter your details in the appropriate section below. Alternatively refer to the map to find the branch location.

Points of Interest: North Tyneside

An enviable example of a stunning coastal town; the only fair description of North Tyneside! Located in the north east of England in county Tyne and Wear, the town is located next to Newcastle upon Tyne to the west and Northumberland to the north. Formed as late as 1974 as part of a merger of counties, the distinctly modern layout of the town is an enticing glimpse to visitors of what lies within.

As you might imagine for a stunning coastal town, surf is almost always up. The prevalence of ideal surfing conditions makes the surf industry a prime source of tourism for local businesses. There’s more than just freezing yourself to a surfboard, however; attractions such as the Shields Ferry and the Quays Marina are just fine for those of us who prefer to spend time being a little bit drier.

Northumberland Park in North Tyneside is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Its woodland paths, gorgeous lake and range of gardens and bowling greens mean that there is an appeal to visit for anyone of any age and disposition.

Not to say that the more city-minded aren’t catered for. The town has a range of trendy cocktail clubs and bars that make a perfect night out with friends, and the Beacon Centre is as modern and retail-crammed a shopping hub as any other. Family-friendly shops and cafes are a wonderful way to spend a day in the area in between the other offerings that make up a very special town.

A great place that we’re indeed proud to be a part of with the opening of the Everyday Loans North Tyneside branch.