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Kings Heath Branch

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Points of Interest: Kings Heath

More than just another part of Birmingham, Kings Heath is home to a wide range of businesses and activities that keep residents and visitors coming. Located just five miles south of the centre of Birmingham itself, the area enjoys that enviable mix of rural feel and inner-city convenience. It’s no wonder residents still tend to call the area a village, despite its bustling nightlife and range of retail therapy opportunities.

With such a close proximity to the city centre, Kings Heath residents – known humorously amongst each other as Heathens – are proud of the quintessential countryside. Features like the Kings Heath park are popular spots for local tourism, with riverside walks and Victorian-era tea houses making time spent outdoors just a little rewarding and memorable.

The community is a large part of what makes the area special. Trendy, modern eateries and high-street shops come together each month together to serve visiting families and residents with a monthly street food market, with stalls ranging from boutique bakers all the way through to the Vegan Grindhouse.

All the area has to offer is carefully maintained and made available through a highly involved local authority that encourages business and tourism through an active website and social calendar. New entrepreneurs are interviewed and featured online, encouraging locals to take part in the latest arrivals to the area. Regular activities, such as the ‘Capture Kings Heath’ photo competition, bring people together to share in the countryside and dig into the streets and shops at hand.

An enviable mixture of active community and wonderful scenery. Whether it’s a visit to Cannon Hill Park or an evening spent drinking cocktails at the Fletchers bar, there’s more than just one reason as to why Kings Heath is a great place to stop by on a regular basis. We’re proud to be part of it.