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What we're doing

Our leadership team are closely monitoring the guidance provided by the UK Government, making key decisions which will enable us to continue to deliver ongoing service and support for our customers and a safe environment for our employees.


Existing Customers:

  • We understand that you may be concerned about how the Coronavirus will affect you financially. Your financial wellbeing is our priority.
  • If you are facing financial difficulties and would like to discuss your account, please contact your local branch.
  • Our teams are available to help, we are receiving more calls than normal in these unprecedented times, so please email us instead of calling if your query isn’t urgent.
  • If you have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak or believe you may be in the future and are worried about making your loan repayment, please get in touch with us as there are a number of ways in which we can help. This may include offering a 3-month payment deferment or, if that is not the most appropriate solution, we could arrange for a reduction to your normal monthly commitment.
  • To ensure you receive the most appropriate solution, we will assess your current situation. This will include how you are or could be impacted by coronavirus and how this has temporarily impacted the ability to repay your loan. As an example, if you’ve lost your job or you’re having to work less hours so we can tailor the best solution for you.
  • A 3-month payment deferment will give you the chance to pause repayments for 3 months, without it impacting your credit rating, but will mean it takes you longer to repay your loan. This won’t affect your credit file for the period of the payment freeze. However, interest will continue to build during this period, meaning you will pay higher costs in the longer term.
  • During the 3-month period, we’ll contact you about your options for making up the deferred repayments if appropriate at that time. You may be able to just resume making your usual monthly repayment, which could mean it will take you longer to repay your loan or you could choose to make these repayments earlier.
  • This won’t change the terms of your agreement with us, so we’ll still need to send you notices about the delayed repayments when we’re legally required to. You won’t need to do anything in response to these notices as long as you don’t miss any repayments outside of this deferral.

New Customers:

  • We are now able to accept applications for new customers, we have amended our lending criteria, please view our application form here
  • If your application is currently going through our underwriting process, we will continue to progress it. If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact your local branch

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