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Your kitchen renovation needs these three top tips

Did you know that just renovating a kitchen can add up to seven percent to the value of a house?

Kitchens are considered the heart of a home for a good reason. We spend the most time in them, and they are the cornerstone of our family and childhood memories.

As adults, we look towards improving our homes to improve our lives and add value to our investment. It’s worth doing!

Today we look at how to get this done the right way. The team is looking at various choices where appliances and renovation options are concerned. If you want a finished product that looks fantastic and adds real value to your property, you’ll want to keep reading.

Kitchen area

Your appliances matter

While not as glamorous as a full renovation, the appliances throughout your kitchen and house are vital in representing it at its best.

Key to this subject is the design, and the question comes in the ‘chicken and egg’ sense: which comes first? Do you choose your appliances before the design or the other way?

Opinions vary, but all agree on being aware of the trap that many homeowners fall into where design is concerned. While appliances may appear small, they are the glue that binds a cohesive design together; you don’t want to invest in renovating in one style and then have mismatched appliances within it.

Fortunately, a little common sense goes a long way here. The how-to on designing a kitchen and choosing appliances is a fun subject, so dive into the deep end with gusto and enjoy the process of shaping your ideal design!


You can’t overlook those cabinets

Vital for a solid design. It’s also an area where cost can become an issue; modern fixtures and nice-to-haves all cost money. If you don’t have a budget already, consider drafting one before proceeding into your design further.

Extending cupboards to the ceiling also pushes the price up, meaning the key with cabinets revolves around balancing cost with functionality. Many modern-day finishes can also provide natural effects at a fraction of the usual price for natural materials – a great opportunity for savings.

A common and practical choice is to consider ‘panel-ready’ cabinets and appliances. These come with an unfinished front panel that can be changed to match the décor of your kitchen. This is usually cheaper than manually painting and protecting an item, and is a fast and simple way to build a cohesive style for your home.


Your choice of flooring is an important one

There are a number of different options when it comes to finding the perfect flooring and tiling, and these choices will impact your budget in a rather noticeable way!

Smaller tiles will often cost more – both for the product and in labour costs – while opting for natural stone flooring could push up overall costs. Larger tiles require fewer grout lines and cuts during installation while choosing patterned tiles can mean designs take longer to put together. Opting for natural looking tiles should mean they retain their look for a longer period of time too, meaning any new designs do not become dated.

You’ll also want to consider the activities and cooking being done in your kitchen. Ceramic tiles are best for backsplashes and come in a range of designs to suit any existing décor. While modern wooden flooring is treated to be water resistant, repeated spills and accidents can degrade the appearance of such a material.


A better home for you and yours

Food for thought! Investing in a new kitchen is as significant as it is exciting, and we hope you’ve found today’s Everyday loans blog to help guide your decisions.

If we can be of any assistance with a flexible loan to suit your needs, be sure to visit our website main page.

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