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Workers in the North worse off in real terms

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Workers across Northern England are thousands of pounds a year worse off since the coalition government came to power, the TUC has said.

The Trades Union Congress has looked into average earnings of workers across the Northern regions and has found that average full-time wages have fallen significantly in real terms.

Analysis from the TUC’s 10 Point Plan manifesto found that full-time workers in the North East are an average of £1,196 worse off per year than if wages had risen in line with inflation.

Full time workers in Cumbria are even worse off, with average wages down by £1,872 since the coalition government came to power.

“The North East and Cumbria has suffered disproportionately as a direct result of the policies of the current government,” said Kevin Rowan, Northern TUC Regional Secretary.

“Ongoing pay restraint is harming families and communities that were already at the bottom of the income scale. While household incomes continue to fall this region will continue to struggle to come out of recession.”

The figures are even worse at a local level. In North Tyneside workers have lost £2,912, while in Redcar & Cleveland workers have seen a fall of a whopping £4,264.

The TUC has put the dramatic fall in real-terms wages down to ongoing wage freezes, sub-inflation pay rises and cuts to public sector jobs in the northern regions.

Mr Rowan called on the government to change its policies and boost the economy by focusing on the jobs market.
“The government must make high quality, sustainable job creation its number one priority,” he said.

He added that the coalition must “ensure that the most vulnerable are protected from absolute poverty by promoting decent pay and raising the national minimum wage.”

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