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Winning with water: How H20 can improve your mood and your life

Water: It isn’t the most revolutionary thing around! It can, however, drastically improve your mental and physical health.

Drinking enough water is linked to a range of significant health benefits, and we wanted to take the time out today to look into the why and the how a little more for you to enjoy.

Without further ado, let’s look at a few great reasons why you should drink more water in 2019, courtesy of the Everyday Loans team.

Your skin will thank you

Many of the benefits in this article and beyond are on the mental side, but not all; skin care is a major element of self-care and it’s an area where water has a serious effect.

Drinking enough water will, in time, help your skin to heal and moisturise itself. Instead of having dry and flaky skin, you’ll come to enjoy improvements in its feel (it becomes softer) and also in its ability to resist sun, wind and general ‘wear and tear’.


It helps with weight loss

Water can help fill us up when drunk alongside, before, or after a meal. The feeling of ‘satiety’ – how full you feel after eating – is improved when the body is properly hydrated.

This makes drinking plenty of water a massive benefit for those who are dieting. Not only will you enjoy the other benefits of proper hydration, but you’ll also have better odds of sticking to your eating schedule.

In time, this can form a ‘snowball’ effect, where you become increasingly happy and motivated by your success and your actions relating to food, hydration and more.


It improves your mood

The common negatives of poor hydration stretch beyond just your skin and body. Your mind is affected; studies show that not drinking enough water has a significant impact on your mental wellbeing and ability to manage stress throughout the day.

The opposite is, of course, true. Drinking enough water will elevate your mood and help equip you properly with the resilience to stress most of us need to get through the day. Far from a bad deal, when you consider that all you need to do is drink more of a free (or cheap) resource.

Speaking on a scientific level, water helps us create a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin is a massively important player in our brain chemistry, affecting mood, anxiety and resilience to stress. You guessed it: drinking more water helps produce more of it, which makes us more resilient to the aforementioned factors.


It’s budget friendly

Many articles about hygiene and self-care ultimately revolve around the purchase of products; not so with this humble suggestion.

Drinking water will bring you all the benefits we’ve discussed in this article – without costing you a penny. This, when combined with other popular practices such as breathing meditation, can form the cornerstone of a new plan for taking care of your body and mind. And it won’t cost you a penny.


It can replace other bad habits

Most of us drink carbonated, sugary drinks throughout the day. Coke and other staples are popular for a reason: they make us immediately feel better, and they give a boost of energy. The price, of course, comes later.

Water can help circumvent this bad habit. Doctors agree that one of the biggest boosts to dietary health possible is making a simple switch from soda to water. It saves money, improves your health and aids you in shedding those pounds.

Not bad at all for a little sacrifice in flavour!


We hope this article has helped you

We appreciate you stopping by at the Everyday Loans blog! We’re here like clockwork to post interesting articles that help improve your life as a responsible adult.

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