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Winning at weddings: Top tips for saving on your big day

A wedding is often described as one of the best days of your life – but it’s also likely to be one of the most expensive!

Read on to find from out the Everyday Loans team how to organise your dream day on a budget so that wedded bliss doesn’t cost the earth. It’s possible!

Home or away?

The average UK wedding cost is in the region of £20,000, but savvy wedding planners can halve this cost if they plan something a little different from the traditional British celebration.

The average wedding abroad carries a price tag of just £8,000, which can make a massive difference to couples – although you’ll need to think carefully about how this will impact your guests.

Similarly, booking your wedding on a Sunday or during the week can slash prices but may limit the number of guests who are able to attend a little more than a traditional Saturday event.


Offseason bookings and cancellations

The wedding venue can make up a big amount of the cost of your big day! It’s worth thinking about slashing the price by booking your wedding out of the traditional summer season. Wedding cancellations can also offer you the dream venue at a slashed cost – great for a couple who can afford to be flexible.


Do it yourself!

The DIY approach can save costs in many areas of wedding organising. Hand-making and delivering your wedding invitations where possible can save you a great deal of money and is also a great way to add a personal touch.

Similarly, if you have a creative streak then you can make your own favours, table decorations and orders of service to keep core costs low. Just remember to think about where you’ll store everything before the big day!


Dress to impress

The dress is possibly the most important part of the wedding and often the single most expensive item.

Try buying when a boutique has an open day as this will usually offer a slight discount. Alternatively, looking online can often offer huge discounts and you may even be able to find reduced price wedding dresses in your local charity shop if you’re lucky.

You may need to pay a seamstress to make any necessary adjustments, but you could still save a serious sum when compared to the purchase of a new dress.


Play the numbers game

Catering and accommodating all your wedding costs can often push wedding costs up so play the numbers game and keep your wedding as low key as possible.

Be selective over who you invite to the ceremony and reception, and allow friends or family to throw a pre-wedding or engagement party for you if you’re worried about offending anyone who won’t make it to the big day.

Similarly, the number of people in the bridal and groom party can also increase costs where suit and dress hire is concerned – try and stick with a small number to save the pennies.


Get your friends involved

While there’s always a balance between saving money and demanding much of your friends, it’s a common and accepted practice to see who is happy to involve themselves in the process – if they have the right skillset!

Even amateur photographers can provide stunning results on the day. Know someone who is big into baking? Ask whether they would be happy to get involved on the catering side. If asked in the right way, this can be a flattering request that people will be happy to get stuck into.


Helpful tips for a magical moment

We hope we’ve helped with our latest blog from the team! Be sure to check back in future for more useful tidbits on living life like a pro.

If we can be of assistance with a loan to suit your needs, be sure to check out the Everyday Loans main page.

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