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Tips To Save Money on Car Insurance

The cost of fuel is rising, so much so that it has reached all new record highs. Compared to May 2010 petrol is almost 0.15 p to the litre more expensive and diesel is 0.20p more. The average cost of a litre of unleaded is £1.36 and £1.41 for diesel.

People have resorted to drastic measures in order to cut the cost of motoring such as skipping their annual car service and 1.5 million drivers are buying a 6 month tax disc instead of a 12 month one: something that works out more expensive in the long run, too.

Car insurer Admiral found that almost 20 per cent of the country is ignoring a fault with their car because of the cost of repair. Families are undoubtedly feeling the financial pinch most and are expected to be hit hardest by any future increase in the cost of motoring.

Changing driving habits could save motorists money according to Santander Car Insurance. As much as £45 off a motorist’s monthly bill could be saved by following some simple tips.

By keeping the tank half full drivers can increase their fuel efficiency by 2 per cent, according to the research. A lighter car will use less fuel to power the car; however it is not advisable to risk it too much and run out of fuel completely.

Car air conditioning consumes a lot of fuel; by switching off the car air conditioning drivers could increase their fuel efficiency by a staggering 20 per cent.
Cleaning the air filter of the car will increase the air flow as clogged air filters can restrict airflow to the engine which can use up a lot of fuel. By cleaning your air filters you can increase fuel efficiency by 10 per cent.

“Based on the average car doing the average mileage at today’s prices, the monthly savings could be up to £45. And in real terms, the saving is equivalent to an additional 300 miles every month,” added Santander Director of Insurance, Colin Greenhill.

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