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Three tips for travelling like a boss in 2020

Business or leisure, it doesn’t matter – travelling is all about preparation!

It’s also something the average person is notoriously bad at getting right. Get your travel prep out the way – and do it well – and you’ll be one step ahead when you land at your destination. That’s more time enjoying yourself, more time exploring and more energy for every minute of the day.

This is doubly important for business travelling. If you’ve got a tight schedule of meetings and appointments ahead of you, it’s simply out of the question to be jetlagged and disorganised. Having everything in order ahead of time can make the difference between a wasted week and a productive one.

With that said, here are three pointers that will make a world of difference when you’re travelling around it.

Versatile clothing is the best clothing

It’s no secret that space is king when it comes to packing your travel bags. Not only does the average traveller have to pack everything tightly to meet weight and size requirements, they also benefit from keeping space free to bring items back home. Saving space can save you money – sometimes a staggering amount of it.

When it comes to clothes then, you should pack items that can be used together in different ways.

Travel veterans know the benefits of scarves, for instance. They’re easily doubled up as makeshift pillows and they can make the same clothes look stylish and new. They take advantage of the idea of layers; a flexible fashion fact to keep in mind as you pick your attire.

When looking at larger items, consider jackets and coats that you can combine with neutral coloured shirts in different ways. Layering these together makes multiple outfits out of a smaller set of items and has an extra added benefit in allowing you to cover up any unexpected damaged or stained areas that are part of travelling.

Language matters – learn some!

It’s not too much to ask in the modern age of the internet. Learning basic phrases in a foreign country will do wonders for your interactions with locals, and can make a challenging trip much more manageable.

You don’t have to take this one too far; a few simple phrases will suffice. This guide on the basics of what to learn when travelling will get you there in no time! Not only is picking up the lingo respectful of the areas you are visiting, it can save you serious trouble in a pinch.

When you have some downtime – a common part of travelling – take a look at your smartphone for a few more words and queries to pick up. It’ll pay dividends down the line when you arrive.

Charge in advance

Hopefully, you haven’t been burned by the all too common reality of a 5% battery in a tight spot. Veterans know how important charging their devices is; if you’re in a remote area, it could be the difference between a difficult night and a short journey back to your hotel!

The average traveller – for business or for leisure – nowadays might pack with them a laptop, a phone and a range of other entertainment devices like Kindles and handheld gaming systems. These need charging and there’s nothing worse than finding yourself with several hours of nothing and a backpack full of dud hardware.

Being diligent can save you serious cash. It’s not uncommon for places to charge money for charging devices, and local shops always make money from selling power adaptors. If you have a high consumption of power, consider buying a charging ‘brick’ to take with you – a great way to extend the lifespan of your essentials as you’re on the move.

In a tight spot with your finances?

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