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Five of our favourite ways to make sure that hearts and budgets aren’t broken this Valentine’s Day

For many it’s the most romantic day of the year – the perfect opportunity to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us. But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to splash lots of cash in the name of true love. In fact, we think that some clever cost-effective creativity […]

How can parents teach their children to cut down on university costs

Once the summer is over, tens of thousands of undergraduates across the UK will be preparing to head to university. As parents, you may want to be able to help foot the bill, but the prospect of soaring costs can make this very difficult. What every parent can do, however, is pass on their many […]

New research highlights difficulty of saving

The start of July represents the first opportunity for Brits to take advantage of the annual limit on tax-free savings increasing. However one in five savers will not meet their targets, with the average amount saved around £1000 less than anticipated. The figures come from the Post Office’s Future of Savings study and reveal many […]

Saving for your retirement: what do couples need to consider

When it comes to creating a good retirement plan, it’s important to do so in advance. Quite simply waiting until your later years prior to even considering your pension could mean working for a lot longer than you initially intended too. Yet despite this, according to Scottish Widows, 60% of women versus 51% of men […]

Top tips for long-term savers

Budget It’s important to only save what you can afford to though. In order to do this, begin by evaluating your monthly outgoings and incomings. After you’ve deducted the likes of rent, living costs and everyday expenditures from your salary, only then should you begin to calculate a savings plan. Look into different bank options […]

Restrictive ISA rules discourage young savers

Outdated ISA rules are said to be putting the younger generation off saving. This is mainly down to restrictive stocks and shares but another reason behind the discouragement is that young people who wish to save are now being refused a tax-efficient investment scheme. Restricted saving Many are being put off quite simply because they […]

Brits saving more than at start of recession

People across the UK are putting more into savings accounts at the start of 2014 than they were at the height of the recession in 2009. Moreover, they are also putting more money into savings pots than they did a decade ago, boosted by improved economic decisions. According to National Savings & Investment’s (NS&I) Quarterly […]

16 million Brits living without savings

A third of the UK adult population are ‘living on the edge’ every day with no savings whatsoever, according to new research. That amounts to 16 million Brits and the situation was further complicated by the fact 71% of households faced unforeseen costs last year. The Money Advice Service discovered that these costs amounted to […]

The hidden costs of a wedding

Getting married is one of the most special occasions that can happen to anyone and making sure that it is an event to remember requires serious planning and can cost substantial amounts of money. Not everyone wants a huge event with hundreds of guests but even a low-key wedding has essential outlays. So what are […]

Customers concerned as energy price rises continue

The latest round of energy price rises is leading to an increasing number of concerned customers according to the Citizens Advice Bureau. They report that more than 30,000 people have contacted them since the first energy firm announced a price rise two weeks ago. SSE started the trend on October 10 and British Gas, Npower […]