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FIRE: How you can achieve early retirement and real financial independence

You might have heard of this phrase before. FIRE – Financially Independent, Retired Early – is a concept that’s becoming increasingly popular in 2019 and beyond. It’s easy to see why. We can all think of times where we’ve had to make decisions based on our lack of savings, instead of embracing the opportunities before […]

Could Brits be forced to postpone retirement?

A fifth of Brits are concerned that they will have to work until they drop as retiring is not affordable, according to a new study. It lists a high cost of living and a shortage of savings as leading factors as to why many Brits do not expect to be able to give up work […]

Saving for your retirement: what do couples need to consider

When it comes to creating a good retirement plan, it’s important to do so in advance. Quite simply waiting until your later years prior to even considering your pension could mean working for a lot longer than you initially intended too. Yet despite this, according to Scottish Widows, 60% of women versus 51% of men […]

Women not saving sufficient funds for their retirement

The number of women saving adequate funds for their retirement is falling according to a new study. A report from Scottish Widows found that just 40 per cent of women were deemed to be putting away enough money, down from 42 per cent last year. An adequate amount to set aside is 12 per cent […]