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Here’s our top seven tips to repairing your credit rating

Results from a recent report suggest that 80% of Brits have no idea of their credit score. Another study shows that six million of us aren’t eligible for everyday products and services because of our bad credit histories. As a result, almost three million of us have been rejected for a mobile phone contract, two […]

Why being refused a loan is not the end of the line

Although being refused a loan may seem like the end of the world, there are some steps you can take to rectify this issue. One such step includes looking elsewhere – each and every loan company has a different method when it comes to establishing your reliability for a loan – just because one lender […]

What would you do with an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan generally means there is no property or collateral at stake. Secured loans on the other hand must offer something in order to secure the loan – for example, a mortgage loan is often secured with property – borrowers unable to repay their loan may risk losing their home. Higher interest rates Because […]