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Hired Help is the New Class Status Symbol

A quarter of people are hiring domestic help because they ‘don’t like chores’. The trend is fast becoming the new status symbol for the middle classes everywhere, new research has found.

The newlywed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have put their plans on hold to recruit servants, but it seems that the rest of the nation is more than happy to have that extra pair of hands on board.According to Churchill Home Insurance, hired help is the latest status symbol for the middle classes. Six million people admit to paying for cleaners, gardeners, handymen and other forms of domestic help when surveyed.

The tough economic times are not preventing people from continuing with this employment trend either.

The most sought after domestic workers are cleaners, employed by 2.5 million people in the UK. The research shows that 64% of people employ cleaners to come in at least once a week. Gardeners are just as popular, they are employed by 2.5 million people who are not blessed with green fingers.

The ‘Mary Poppins’ style nanny which was once a status symbol for the upper classes can now be found in middle class homes as well. This particular trend is linked to an increase in the number of parents returning to work within a year of having children. Approximately 500,000 parents hire a nanny for extra support in the last year.

An estimated 1 million Brits cannot face the prospect of simple DIY chores or simply lack the necessary skills. The main solution is to hire a handyman to carry out basic tasks, with a further 500,000 admitting to hiring someone to do their ironing and laundry for them.

“Even in these difficult times, house-proud Britons are finding the extra cash to help keep their homes pristine,” said Martin Scott, head of Churchill Home Insurance.

“With millions of people working long hours, employing domestic help is increasingly seen as a necessity to ensure a good work-life balance.”

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