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The secrets of home improvement: What you need to know

house1There are numerous ways to improve a home and some will inevitably cost more than others to complete.

But it isn’t just finance that requires some careful thought, as there are plenty of rules and regulations which govern what you can, and can’t, do to your home.

From planning permission to highways law, some factors would require immediate consideration while others may slip through the net.

Here are a few of the key points to consider to ensure that any improvements all fall within the confines of the law.

Planning ahead

When planning works it is important to consider just how much help might be required – small projects might be relatively simple, but larger ones may need any number of skilled workers.

Not having the appropriate professionals involved could cost both time and money so ensuring everything meets planning standards is essential.

Officials have the power to order the demolition of property if it is built without the correct permission while structural engineers can ensure any works are completed in a safe manner.

Planning permission is required if alterations do not fall within the permitted development rights of a property, although these standard rights do not exist for those living in listed buildings, conservation areas or flats.

These basic rights are in place to ensure that any works to enlarge, alter or improve a home are in keeping with the existing building.

Meeting rules and regulations

Strict rules also govern the placing of upstairs windows so any developments of this nature would require prior permission.

Painting and decorating jobs do not require planning permission but additional costs for outside jobs may occur, as scaffolding costs can mount up.

However larger scale works such as new driveways or extensions may require planning, dependent on the types of materials that are used.

Rules exist around the size and height of potential developments and the government’s Planning Portal website is a good place of reference.

Funding developments is also another major consideration and financial help is available in the form of home improvement loans, provided that repayments can be paid when required.

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