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Paul Kislingbury, a customer of our Darlington branch

Paul Kislingbury came into the Darlington branch with very little knowledge of how his credit file worked and his journey has really helped him understand it better and make more informed choices going forward.

His Customer Account Manager, Adam Jarvie, said: “Paul now knows a lot more about impact balances on credit cards and high interest lenders and to avoid the first creditor that comes up on a comparison site. On this occasion it was the dreaded ‘safety net credit’ provider and Paul was totally unaware of the potential impact this type of lender could have.

“So what we did was sort all that out and get a loan in place to get rid him of that lender association, then organise some additional funds for some immediate car repairs.”

Paul said he could not have been happier with how things were explained and the fact there was now a future plan in place.

He commented: “I dealt with Adam in the Darlington branch and what a service I received. He and the other members of staff were friendly and professional, not just there for a loan sale but to actually help you.  I will be recommending them to everyone that needs a loan for whatever reason.

It’s also great that they stay in touch throughout the loan period and are easy to contact. Top notch service from a top notch loan company.”

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