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Is the older generation more likely to do DIY?

diyWith the Bank Holiday looming it’s the perfect time to consider some DIY and home improvements – but only if you’re old, according to new research!

Research from Halifax Home Insurance has revealed that the younger generations do not have confidence in their abilities to do DIY.

While 55% of over 55s were confident they could put up wallpaper, only 28% of 18-24-year-olds felt the same way while it was a similar case when it came to painting.

Some 83% of the older generation said they could paint, compared to just 64% of those aged 24 or less while even the task of changing a light bulb could prove difficult for younger people.

Only 73% of those aged 18-24 admitted being able to comfortably change a bulb, compared to 95% of those aged 55 or over.

The findings would therefore suggest that it is the older generation who are most likely to consider using the Bank Holiday for some necessary home improvements.

“It seems thatr DIY skills are fading with each generation, which is a worry as home improvements can easily go wrong for those who don’t know what they are doing,” explained senior claims manager, Martyn Foulds.

Of course not all home improvements can be DIY jobs – some larger scale work can require professionals, especially where things like extensions and redesigns are being considered.

These types of works can add significant value to a property but they do require a great deal of thought and planning.

Home improvement loans could also be used to help finance these sorts of projects, provided that the money can be repaid within the agreed timescales of the loan.

These projects might take considerably longer than the Bank Holiday weekend to complete, but everything has to begin somewhere.

As far as DIY is concerned though, the Halifax research suggests that 70% of households would rather tackle the more simple tasks before embarking on anything larger.

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