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Easter is almost here, and we're all looking forward to that four-day bank holiday weekend and – fingers crossed! - some sunny weather.

It comes at the moment we’re allowed to meet up outdoors with friends and family for the first time in months. But, with lockdown restrictions still in place across the UK, Easter gatherings will again be different.

So, to make sure we stay connected to family and friends over the Easter holidays, we've put together these nine fun and cost-effective ways we can mark the occasion – and at the same time involving our nearest and dearest.

Easter Themed Zoom Call

We may all be a little bit Zoomed out, but if we add an Easter ‘twist’ we can promise lots of fun.

Alongside COVID-secure catch-ups with friends and family, why not arrange an Easter-inspired quiz for everyone to take part in – and don’t forget a prize for the winner.

For added fun, organise an Easter-style secret Santa – everyone buys someone a cheap or funny gift that can been opened on Zoom.

Crafts with the kids

If the kids can't spend time with family this Easter, get cracking on Easter crafts that show they’re still front of mind.

Think about Easter cards or print off templates of Easter eggs that the kids can colour in and decorate. Once they're finished, send them off to your loved ones to include them in your family Easter. Bunny ears are also great fun and easy to make – all you’ll needed is a plain headband, pipe cleaners or wire and a few pieces of card.

Crafting is a great way to enjoy fun family time, whilst saving money and staying busy.

Log on to a Live Lamb Cam

Although we can't get to the farms to see baby lambs this year, there are lots of other ways to keep an eye on the little ones.

Walby Farm Park in the Lake District has set up a camera in their sheep enclosure - as has Odds Farm Park in Buckinghamshire – giving a lowdown of the lambs in their day-to-day lives.


For any competitive friends and families out there, why not organise an Easter egg off?

Get everyone to buy the same make-your-own Easter egg kit and take it in turns to show you’re your creations. Add further fun with a prize for the winner.

Live stream the egg hunt

If you're having an Easter egg hunt, invite family and friends to be part of the fun on Zoom or FaceTime. They’ll love watching the kids running round the house or garden looking for the sweets. Maybe time it to coincide with breakfast or brunch too.

Create and Easter-themed obstacle course

For a few hours of family garden fun, set up a simple obstacle course in the back garden or living room.

Give it an Easter theme – and include lots of hopping over hurdles or cushions and egg and spoon races.

Hide a Cadbury's Easter egg

Sign up to Cadbury’s Worldwide Hide to send chocolate to loved ones with a virtual egg hunt on Google Map.

The chocolate brand has taken its annual Easter egg hunts online this year – enabling us to hide an egg for a loved one to find anywhere in the world. The virtual Easter egg hunt allows people to buy a Cadbury Easter egg and choose a 'hiding spot' on Google Maps to leave the virtual egg for their recipient to find. Get more info here.

Roll an egg

The tradition of rolling eggs down hills seems to vary massively from culture to culture, and family to family. So, as there’s no seemingly right way, it might be time to start a new family tradition of your own.

Start by boiling lots of eggs, then decorate them using marker pens and any spare craft materials you have around the house. Once boiled and decorated, take them to a park or field with a big hill. From the top of the hill, players can take turns rolling their eggs down. The egg that travels the furthest wins!

Bunny bop

Nothing beats a good old boogie, so let’s create an Easter playlist and have a dance party.

We’re all long overdue a good dance and, whilst it can’t be out with friends yet, a kitchen disco is a great opportunity to show off our best moves!

Posted in Budgeting on Mar 26, 2021.

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