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Nine Easy Ways to Keep Saving as We Move Out of Lockdown

By Andrew Wayland, Everyday Loans

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With 75% of us saying we saved cash during the first lockdown, here’s nine easy ways to be stay wealthier - and healthier – as we ease out of the second and into 2021.

1. Keep enjoying nights in rather than nights out

If nothing else, lockdown’s shown just how much fun we can have with a few drinks at home and video calls with friends. So, if you want to keep working towards your money goals, go out once or twice a month when we can – not every weekend like we may have done previously.

Think more nights in with a homemade meal or takeaway, a movie night, or small gathering for your bubble. This means that we can continue to save money in the long run whilst still enjoying the company of friends and family.

2. Review all of your direct debits

Take a look over any direct debits that may have been frozen or cancelled during lockdowns. Do they all need to be set back up or can some be cancelled? Will you be getting your money’s worth out of gym memberships and those subscriptions? Consider how much of your exercise you can now do at home or from the door. Really think about how and where you spent your money.

3. Plan meals

Plan your meals, then write a shopping list and stick to it. Not only does knowing what you’re going to eat each day save time, it also puts a stop to random aisle wandering and temptation from things we don’t need.

It makes sense to batch-cook several meals to freeze. It’s great for when you’re not in the mood to cook, and you can enjoy a homemade dish instead of a takeaway. It tends to be a healthier option too. Also, think about going vegetarian or vegan a couple of nights a week. Meat and dairy are two of the most expensive grocery categories and reducing their consumption slightly really can save you a few pounds.

4. Prioritise any treatments and trims

Look back on how you survived two lockdowns without perfect nails, brows and lashes. Likewise, does your hair really need cutting and colouring as often?

Work out which health and beauty treatments are most important to you, try to ditch those that aren’t and splash out on your essentials less often. Even delaying each treatment by a couple of weeks can save a pretty penny over time.

5. Get creative and cut costs for family fun

Family days out can be really costly – a trip to the cinema or the farm park can cost well over £50. Such trips don’t have to stop but, as with nights out, head out less often if you want to continue to save. Create a cinema experience in your lounge, go for walks, picnic in parks, sing karaoke and make a meal as a family instead of eating out.

6. Use deal-tracking websites

Look up your favourite health and wellbeing retailers online and begin tracking them to score the best deals over time. Set price targets and receive alerts when prices drop and and sales are about to start.

7. Points make prizes

If you regularly shop with certain healthy product retailers, look into their loyalty schemes and pick up points as you spend.

8. Don’t stop doing it yourself

Don’t down tools now that we can go out. Keep upcycling, doing jobs yourself and getting out in the garden. It’s so much cheaper, can help keep you fit and gives a great sense of satisfaction.

9. Pick pedal power

If the idea of post-pandemic public transport fills you with dread – or if you’re keen to stay green by reducing car pollution – it could be time to invest in a bike.

They can be pricey to buy new, but there are lots of deals around and check out second-hand sites and Facebook marketplace for some preloved pedal power.

Just think about how much money you could save by avoiding public transport fees, petrol and parking. Not to mention being good for your health and wellbeing.

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