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Meet Sandra, a customer of our Luton branch

Sandra Kenneford wanted to lower her monthly outgoings to store cards and monthly catalogue payments.

Prior to coming to the Luton Branch she said: “I was initially quite nervous. I had to take various documents and make arrangements to leave work in time to get there. I did not want to inform my work place of where I was going, and felt quite panicky at the thought of discussing my bad credit file.”

However, this feeling changed once she entered the branch “I was made to feel welcome and put at ease immediately.

“All of the staff were extremely courteous and non-judgemental. I was taken into a side office and spoken to in a professional but friendly manner. By the time I left the office, I almost felt like I had made a friend.”

Sandra said that the team presented her with various options for payment terms, and discussed with her how the loan would impact her life. “I was given all the information and then time away to think about all the options to make an informed decision.

“At no time was I pressured into taking a loan and was advised about the future once my credit had improved. The manager also called me into the office to make sure she was happy that everything had been explained to me and I had no questions.”

Throughout the loan process, Sandra received constant support from her account manager, Sarah. “She was absolutely amazing. I could honestly say that she changed my life. She helped me to understand my credit file, how things impacted it, and was at the end of the telephone when I called her – which I did several times until I felt comfortable with the loan I was taking.

She stayed late in the day to accommodate my working hours. With Sarah’s advice I have now renegotiated my loan at a lower interest rate as my credit rating has increased.”

I would absolutely recommend Everyday Loans for any loan in any circumstances, not just for people with poor credit”