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Meet Andrew, a customer of our Central branch

Andrew Roberts knew that he wanted to improve his financial position.

“I was a little hesitant about taking a £5000 loan. I decided that I wanted to build up my credit profile as I have had a few payday loans and got myself into a sticky position. I wanted to consolidate and generally tidy up my own personal banking.

“I wanted to build my credit file for the future as I am a hard working family man, looking for long-term financial plans

“I decided to call Everyday Loans because I wanted to deal with a direct lender, not another broker. This is when I came across Mark Kelly.

“I found him to be highly professional, knowledgeable, polite, understanding and overall just a good guy.

“It is not easy to open up to someone about your personal circumstances, however Mark was very reassuring and understanding of my circumstances and I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me out as let’s be honest, we have all been there.

“He had a good humour about him, and which I found comforting.

“This loan has helped me a lot as I have been able to consolidate debt and tidy up my overall credit and affordability. I’ve also been able to get a new kitchen flooring which has made a big difference in the household. It was worth picking up the phone to Everyday Loans.

“I have and will continue to recommend Everyday Loans to friends and family and tell them all about my experience as from start to finish it was easy and very quick to complete.”