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Learn How To Save On Electric Bills In An Apartment.

Big bills begone: How to save on electric bills in an apartment

It’s time to talk bills again – namely, how we can push them lower and keep more money in your wallet! It’s tricky right now and apartment dwellers are looking for ways to tighten down their expenses in the right way.

With that in mind, we’ve selected for today’s topic, how to save on electric bills in an apartment. It’s a subject relevant to many and it’s fraught with ways in which well-meaning adults spend more than they need to just to get by.

So, keep scrolling and let’s dive into a practical set of tips on how to save on electric bills in an apartment.

Don’t leave it to estimates

Let’s be real, here: we’re not talking to the always level-headed, smartest version of ourselves on this one. We’re talking instead to the little guy within us who is often rushed and wants the easy way out of one of life’s many responsibilities. We all have that little guy inside us and it’s fine – we just need to be better at getting them to be quiet!

So, don’t let being in a rush become an excuse and avoid allowing your reluctance to get out of a chair trump your need to read those meters at home. This is one of the best tips on how to save on electric bills in an apartment because it is so easy. It takes all of a couple of minutes to get a reading of your gas and electricity meters and you can take a snap with your phone as easy as you please.

This is a problem that, if done the lazy way, can really come to bite you down the line. Go off estimates and you’ll be liable to find yourself with a weighty bill or fine at the end of your tenancy. Do it right, do the readings and take care of business properly. It’s worth it.

Direct debits work

You’ve got many different ways to pay an electricity bill and a direct debit is one of the better ones. Usually, your energy provider will give you a fixed rate that is affordable and value for money. Keep in mind for this one that you’ll often see a bill that seems higher in the summer compared to your actual consumption; this is fine and you’ll save money in winter.

And even if you do exceed your bill, you’ll have a credit arrangement that can roll over into your next. Easy, affordable, practical.

Wash cool

We know, it’s tempting once more. You have a favourite outfit – or part of it – and a big night out coming later that day. You want to look good and so you commit a cardinal sin even though you know this is not how to sve on electric bills in an apartment. You wash just that shirt. Maybe you throw in some socks too, just to make yourself feel better. 

It’s still money down the drain! Washing clothes is a significant portion of an average home’s monthly bills, making it really important to try and fit as much as you practically can each time. Remember, though, not to stuff clothes in until it’s ready to burst – your machine may be affected and it won’t clean clothes properly.

You can also save money by turning down the temperature of your cleaning by a little. Try doing your washing at 30 degrees and consider more thrifty methods such as washing whites and colours together with the use of a colour catcher.

When it comes to drying your clothes, you can also save big by simply not using a tumble dryer. They use an incredible amount of energy to operate, making hanging your clothes to dry a simple and effective alternative that will be kinder on your garments, too. If you are looking for how to save on electric bills in an apartment this is a great summer tip. You will likely have all your windows open so hand drying clothes is quick and virtually free.

Stop the standby

One of the bigger sins a property renter or owner can commit is leaving their abundance of electrical devices on standby. Unfortunately, it’s a subject made tougher by modern devices often defaulting to a standby mode when left unused – even TVs.

Ultimately, the onus is on you to be mindful of this and to save by being diligent. It’s also helpful on this subject to keep your priorities right: worry about your largest and most energy-draining appliances, such as your smart TV or your games consoles. They’re more impactful on your final bill and can help avoid you fretting endlessly around the house as you search for devices to turn off!

Make great habits

Energy conservation works – and it’s something you can do every day. There’s no beating efficiency saving things like draught stoppers and energy-saving lightbulbs. You can also save by simply making sure you turn out lights and other things you may not think about whenever they are not in use. This along can make a drastic difference.

While this list might look a bit long, all the tips, however minor, can become impactful habits. Do things like only cycling your dishwasher when full. Begin turning off the lights in rooms as you leave them and think about drying your clothes without the use of an expensive and energy-hungry tumble dryer.

Little and often is a great mantra when you are looking at how to save on electric bills in an apartment. It makes things easier and more manageable, helping to cut down that electrical bill throughout the day. It also helps to minimise the pressure of piling your energy-savings hopes on major and expensive activities like new electrical devices, instead of making success a habit you can embrace at home. 

And that’s all, folks!

With everyone tightening their belts somewhat at present, it’s great to have a little help trimming costs around the home. Your electrical bill can end up being one of your most significant monthly expenses after rent, making a few tips here and there a worthy thing to be mindful of.

With a little responsibility and consistency, you can turn what seems to be a large task into a series of manageable adjustments that will keep your wallet happy and your head a little freer of stress and concern about money. 

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Posted in Budgeting on Mar 25, 2021.

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