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Jumping careers: Four ways to do it like a pro.

Passion plays a key role in deciding to jump careers. It’s a dive into the unknown – a scary proposition!

But it takes more than passion to make the jump. A little planning goes a long way, and by investing your time in reading this article – and trying the advice it contains – you’ll be on the road to an excellent move into an exciting new phase of your life. Let’s take a look!

You’ve got resources. Use them!

It’s easy to forget how useful the internet can be when you’ve spent a lot of your idle time looking at pictures of cute and fluffy cats. The truth is, the internet offers a lot and can easily help you create a great plan for your future.

A great example is if you want to become an entrepreneur. Consider doing research on fields like the realty market, or other spots where other entrepreneurs have stepped into the world and left footprints and templates for others to follow.

The thing is, you’re not following in their footsteps for long. Familiarize yourself with what’s being done and what’s been done and consider places where you can improve the infrastructure. This is the core of being brave and entrepreneurial – you have to do it your own way.


Networking works. Use it.

Networking can be quite an intimidating action. It’s like being the new kid who was invited to the party and doesn’t know anyone around them.

Making the initial step into a bigger conversation is hard, but so was your decision to take the plunge. When you think about it, that was the hardest decision to make!

If you’re not good with in-person discussions, reach out via email or phone. Remember that these people started out as beginners one point in time too. Many of them will be more than happy to share their story with you and may even become your mentor!

The benefit to reaching out is that it will help get you in contact with other people who are influential; sometimes one person can be all you need to make your dreams come true. The goal is that you want to make connections and help get yourself in transition for the jump, and to spend as little money as possible.


Embrace the process.

This story has been told more than once. Someone left their unfulfilling job in retail or the restaurant business to embark on a difficult career as a freelancer. It works, and their lives are transformed. Sounds great!

The problem? Reality hits a dreamer hard. The path there isn’t easy. Money isn’t coming in at a steady pace; ramen noodles, wheat toast and eggs become regular meals. The amount of work ahead becomes intimidating, and resolve is tested.

The truth? These moments are exactly what defines you and your success.

By understanding from the get-go that these tough times will appear, you can learn to love the process. The presence of challenge doesn’t define you – it’s how you accept adversity and calmly overcome it that matters.

This point is all about a reversal of your basic ways of thinking. Expecting challenge and overcoming it at every turn can become the very thing that motivates and fuels you, instead of being a problem you shy away from or judge your progress against.


Set practical limits.

Whether you’re switching lanes or becoming an entrepreneur, you’ll benefit from setting hard limits that work for you.

If you’re starting your own business, give yourself until a specific date to give it a go. This could be six months, it could be a year; the important thing is you respect the agreement you’ve made with yourself.

Not only will this motivate you towards greater success, but it’ll also help in the budgeting and forecasting of your finances – a massively important aspect of navigating this kind of change properly.


You can do it!

Another day, another interesting blog. If you’re about to enter into a phase of this kind of challenge in your life, we wish you the best and would like to remind you that you’ve got this!

We hope you’ve found today’s set of tips from the Everyday Loans team useful. Be sure to stop back in future for more helpful blogs on how to live your best life.

If we can help with a loan to suit your needs, be sure to drop by our main website page.

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