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How to Save Money on Weddings

05_Everyday Loans_How careful planning can make a wedding cost lessWe’ve all heard the stories. Weddings are expensive, it’s easy to see why.

The truth is that we’re all human when it comes to money. Even the most frugal among us can become swept up in the romance and beauty of such an occasion, leading to unchecked spending and extravagant purchases.

It surprises many a couple to learn that the wedding of their dreams could be crafted and delivered at a far lower cost than first thought. Sadly, this realisation often comes after the event.

What we do know is that you’re going to be busy! Let’s get right to it with great tips to make sure that your special day is truly unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Start with the budget

Proper planning needs context. You’ll find yourself in a stressful situation if you begin to plan your wedding without an initial figure in mind.

Weddings are notorious for being filled with a hundred and one services and items to purchase, all of which needle away at your funds until you have little left or worse.

You can have a quick look at potential budgets with our wedding cost calculator.

You’ll benefit from a frank discussion with your partner as to what you can realistically afford. This will give you the context you need to effectively prioritise.

Make your life easier by using a robust list to track your purchases with. For the tech savvy among us an Excel spreadsheet can do wonders. Those less inclined can look to a host of fantastic planning tools online such as Mint.com.

As the saying goes, no plan survives contact with reality! Don’t worry if your first figure starts to look unachievable. You’ll find yourself in a much stronger position if you plan everything first and then trim down your expenses once you have that initial figure in front of you.

Agree on your venue and headcount – and stick to it!

The shining moment of your life is one you’ll want to share. Friends and loved ones will be contacting you constantly to ask for the latest details. It’s an exciting time! It’s also the easiest way to see your wedding costs sky-rocket. Although it can be a difficult decision, it’s in your best interest to agree sooner rather than later who you want to invite.

Colleagues from current and past work can be a tempting but costly group to include. We’re all social people and you’ll find yourself being asked repeatedly if partners and “plus ones” can come too. Before you know it your figures are up in the atmosphere again. As the famous saying goes, be firm but fair. It’s your day!


Call in favours and include friends

This is an often overlooked way to involve your friends and acquaintances while also saving on cost.

Wedding photographers are a prime example.You need to be sure that every sparking second is captured, but do you know anyone who is skilled with a digital camera? The same can go for art and design. Weddings are a fantastic opportunity for the creative among us to share our best.

In a modern age where many are familiar with creative design and programs such as Photoshop you might find yourself surprised at how many wonderful letter designs and graphics can be put together by those you know best.

It’s a fantastic way to not only minimise your expenses but also honour your friends and family by involving them in the planning of your special day.

Venue and reception

These shouldn’t cost the earth. A savvy eye will see right through the enormous figures often quoted by establishments offering their services for weddings.

Hidden costs such as a designated cake cutter can inflate the price-tag without even adding value. Hardly worth it! Once you know how many are coming and you have an area in mind you’ll be surprised at how much you can save by combing through what’s available.

You can also consider the paths less travelled – classy clubs and restaurants can be an inventive way to capture the magic of the moment without breaking the bank.

Take a deep breath

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that stress should be a part of your plans. You don’t have to pull out your hair and argue with your other half in order to get things right.

A firm hand and a cool head on your shoulders will see you through. Before you know it you’ll be swirling the night away in a dazzling display that will stay in your hearts forever.

All without breaking the bank.

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