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How To Bag a Bargain – And Not Bust Your Budget – On Black Friday

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, when most major retailers slash their prices and shoppers bag themselves a bargain before the Christmas rush.

This year it takes place on November 23rd and, according to news reports, the day of discount is set to more popular than ever in the UK, with increasing numbers of stores taking part – on the high street and online.

In 2017, the UK’s overall spending during Black Friday sales weekend was up 11.7% from £1.39 billion with forecasts for this year even higher at £4.5billion.

So, with deals like these available, how can you shop savvy and bag a bargain or two this Black Friday, without busting your budget? Here are our five top tips to sale success.

Tip #1 Hatch a plan

Black Friday is not the time to mooch or browse to see what takes your fancy. Instead, consider what you’re in the market for and why you want it before the Big Black Day.

Deciding which products you want, and which ones you need, is a huge help to save some extra pennies in a day of savings.

If you really need something – maybe the TV’s broken, or the vacuum cleaner has given up the ghost – the reason why you should spend is obvious. If it’s not, stop. Christmas is just around the corner, which will be expensive enough.

Tip #2 Work out a budget and stick to it

Once you’ve decided what you need to buy, you should only go for the necessary deals that you can afford. Work out what your budget is and don’t go over it.

Tip #3 Do your research

Always do your research, especially so in the run up to Black Friday. Finding out as many facts as you can before discounts hit will make you less likely to succumb to those unnecessary “bargains.”

And always be aware of the RRP – that’s the recommended retail price – as without it you won’t know if it’s a bargain or not.

Finally, take time to read product reviews. They’re most insightful, as they are the facts and feedback from those who’ve bought before.

Tip #4 Keep your eyes peeled

It can be pretty time-consuming swotting up on what and where to buy on Black Friday, but there are lots of ways that we can make it easier for yourself.

Newspapers and news sites are full of top deals and retailer round-ups, so take advantage of someone else’s research to save you some time.

Also, sign up to receive email marketing from the companies that stock the products you’re interested in – after careful planning and researching, of course – and follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to hear their deals first.

Tip #5 As the saying goes, if it looks too good to be true…

Avoid falling victim to online scams by always being aware what you’re buying, where it’s coming from and who it’s coming from.

Do you know the brand? What about the retailer? Is it based in the UK and what are delivery costs? What reviews has it received? Also, remember to check out refund policies and return costs, should you change your mind after the buzz of Black Friday has died down.

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