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How Laziness Drains Your Wallet

We’re all lazy at times; we’re all guilty of it! Instead of looking explicitly at how to avoid being lazy, it’s time to switch things up. We’ve selected a few key scenarios in which the most benign laziness can cost you some serious cash. These situations aren’t special, but they are frequent and more common than you might think.

Laziness Money

Take a look; you might be surprised at just how many you’re guilty of yourself. Wake up calls are always helpful!

Direct Debits

 The best is saved for the first in this article. We all have payment obligations as part of adult life and the number of these increases as we grow older and accumulate more responsibilities such as property ownership and growing a happy family. Even if your main payment requirements each month are just a phone bill, laziness can rear its ugly head and repeatedly stab your wallet, draining your cash over the course of a year in alarming amounts.

Why are we so prone to this? For many, their main bank account runs with less in the tank than is ideal. It’s part of life; we’re not saying you have to earn more to avoid the problem! Regardless of your income and wider financial situation, it’s worth taking a regular check of your scheduled payments. It sounds like basic financial advice, and it is. Why are we saying it? Untold thousands of us fall victim to extra charges every year.

Instead of shrugging off that £5 payment for missing the direct debit for your phone, consider the total amount incurred over the course of a year. You’ll soon recognize how simple laziness wilts your savings potential.

Medical Appointments

 Those of us in the UK are fortunate to have access to healthcare for free (as part of our taxes, of course). This wonderful benefit nevertheless causes many to overlook their health and eschew regular appointments and check-ups. For those living in areas with paid healthcare, the fear of expense can be a similar deterrent.

The problem? Even if your appointments are free, the costs of leaving your health to the last moment can be drastic financially. Without even considering the risk to your health should you pass off the visit to the GP, it’s a common story that an issue or condition easily treated promptly can cause you wallet woes down the line if untreated.

Whether it means taking days off or having to adjust your lifestyle around a temporary issue or limitation, laziness will take money out of your bank with startling regularity where health is concerned.

Seasonal Purchases

Leaving buying gifts to the last minute is too human to chide you for! It’s a funny phenomenon; it’s not like we don’t know (even roughly!) when the birthdays of our loved ones come about. We know when Valentines is and Christmas is too obvious to miss.

The giant seasonal gifts industry revolves around this all too human tendency. Prices rise considerably when the time comes to buy that special item for a birthday or holiday occasion. It’s fair to see why; many manufacturers have a short window in which to make a large enough sum of money to help sustain their business over the remainder of the year.

It’s also fair, therefore, to be a little more responsible than might be the case usually. Not only does planning purchases in advance for these occasions saves money, it’ll also keep that stress level down and avoid the last-minute scrabble that we are all too familiar with.

A Matter of Scale

Our minds are fickle things! Cementing the concept of savings gained over a year as opposed to a week can be difficult, but in making an honest attempt you’ll find yourself developing a greater degree of financial maturity that will benefit you in many other areas of your life.

Doesn’t sound like a bad deal in exchange for a little proactive work, does it? We could all do with a little more money; the key to getting some more lies within you. Make a change today and before you know it you’ll be a savvy saver.

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