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How going vegetarian can save you money

We’re often looking for ways to reduce our waistlines and food expenses while remaining healthy. Doing this without resorting to rice and porridge every day of the week is a small bonus!

In recent years, the appeal and simple practicality of going vegetarian have increased dramatically. Stores are stocking more varieties of vegetarian foods and ingredients than ever before and a range of enticing options are all but mandatory for any restaurant or café that wants to stay competitive in the modern age.

The myth of vegetarian diets being low in protein and difficult to sustain are, thankfully, long gone. Now we can look at a short set of tips on how this delicious and ethical lifestyle can benefit your wallet as well as your body and mind.

Let’s get to it!

Staples are cheaper

Many a student can fondly recall their recent meals filled to the brim with cheap staples such as beans and rice. These foods are delicious when prepared as part of a proper dish and are largely undeserving of their somewhat infamous reputation among the young and inexperienced cook as a tasteless item.

As a vegetarian, you’ll soon delve into the many interesting and exciting ways to liven up these staple food items. The fact that you won’t be eating meat will also mean the savings will accumulate quickly, with your weekly budget proven by many a study to decrease significantly.

Your garden supports you

For the average meat-eater among us, growing a garden is a fun hobby that nevertheless takes a significant investment for a seemingly questionable return. When much of your food intake is centred around chicken, beef and other types of meat, the benefits of growing a large vegetable and fruit garden is lessened.

The opposite, of course, occurs when you go vegetarian. Suddenly, you can plant larger volumes of wonderful vegetables such as corn, squash, beans and more to support you throughout the year. These batches can be frozen and stored easily, making an almighty slash in your food bills.

It’s also easy to get started on a budget. Particularly if you make use of local ads and charitable goods recycling services, you can acquire your starting equipment with little to no expense.

Start modest and go part-time

Open-minded individuals are cottoning on to the savings available through a vegetarian lifestyle. This new wave of adoption of this long-standing way of eating has been supported by celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who promote accessible alternatives such as eating vegetarian food for part of the week in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and rate of global meat consumption. 

This method is ideal as a starting point for your savings and lifestyle change. Many people who experiment with vegetarianism stay that way for many years of their lives, but it’s a big change to make. Not only will you need to learn new types of cooking, your friends and family will need to adjust to your new choices.

Going part-time vegetarian can still save you money as aforementioned, but is easier to handle and ease into. Consider it a practical way to access the savings mentioned where you can still go back to your previous diet if preferred.

View it as an experiment

All the savings advice in the world isn’t going to help you one bit if you don’t take action! If you’re interested in this avenue of healthy and frugal living, we recommend combining our advice into a one to three-month experiment.

Try out vegetarian eating three days of the week for a noticeable effect on your health, budget and lifestyle. Experiment with a gardening plan that is modest, with fast-growing staples like runner beans that you will soon enjoy on your plate.

Be sure to measure the differences in your overall food spending over each month and take stock of your achievements and views at the end of the project window. You can expect to be pleasantly surprised!

We can help your finances

If positive adjustments and trimmings on your expenses aren’t doing the trick, come to us for financial assistance.  We’re experts in customer service and we offer fantastic rates on our renowned loan services.

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