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Halloween Ideas: Free, Fun and Safe Things to do with the Kids this October 31st

By Andrew Wayland, Everyday Loans

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The spooky season is well upon us, and many of us are already getting into the spirit. But as coronavirus continues to spread, we’re all having to look for safer ways to enjoy what is a favourite autumn tradition.

Here’s our round up of some of the most Spooktacular ways to celebrate by WFH (that’s witching from home!) without the trick or treating and Halloween parties. And, without the costs.

Organise a local pumpkin hunt

This idea, which has gone viral on social media, has already been adopted by hundreds of parents across the UK.

It follows on from pictures of rainbows being posted in windows to spread cheer at the start of the pandemic, with parents now being asked to place one of a pumpkin – or make and display a real lantern - during the half-term break. Then, on the evening of October 31st, would-be trick or treaters can take part in pumpkin hunt instead.

It’s hoping that lots of us will get behind the idea and create our very own local pumpkin trails. They’re a great way to dress up and get out and about in the neighbourhood without knocking on doors and risk spreading the virus. Make it more fun along the way by handing out sweets to your children for every pumpkin they spot.

Pick your own pumpkin

A visit to a pumpkin patch to pick your own is perfect for pre-Halloween family fun. Not only is it a fantastic day out, but the enjoyment continues at home when you get to carve it. Here’s a round-up of the 50 best places to go pumpkin picking near you.

Create a creepy playlist

Dance and sing your hearts out to some of the spookiest songs and terrifying tunes ever recorded.

From the best Halloween party playlist in history , this 66-song killer playlist and Spotify’s Halloween music for a bewitching good time, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to throwing some spooky shapes in your kitchen.

Make fun and tasty Halloween treats

Your little monsters will scream for joy at some of the tasty Halloween treat recipes that you can find online. From spider pizzas to scary cat cupcakes , eerie eyeball pops to Halloween Slash Cake and Grasshopper Cocktail , there are lots of devilishly delicious treats to try for a Halloween-y tea.

Organise a Halloween scavenger hunt

Give your children a list of Halloween-themed things to look for either in your home or outside. These could include a fake bat, a black cat, a witch’s hat and broom. They could be absolutely anything you’d spot on the spookiest night of the year. You can get lots of ideas and downloads online.

Organise a Halloween Treasure Hunt

Perfect for a household Halloween party in the days leading up to Halloween – or on the big day itself - a terrifying treasure hunt is a fun way to get the kids excited and entertained. Take a look here for ideas on how to plan yours and to download some free printable clues.

Take part in virtual Halloween activity or event

As you’d expect, there’s a massive increase in virtual Halloween activities online this year. Take a look here for what’s going on - from spooky story readings mask  and  cake making workshops , virtual  Halloween parties pumpkin carving competitions interactive quizzes and even a virtual  Spooktacular show . It’s just a different kind of scary this time.

Have a Halloween family film night

Why not have a Halloween movie night at home with your family? There are so many films available for kids of all ages and scaredy-cat levels. Check out this round-up of the top 42 spooky movies on Netflix now and bring in the spooky snacks – you can find lots of ideas here with this ultimate Halloween movie menu .

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