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Get your summer sparkling with our storage and cleaning tips

From clearing clutter from closets to making the most of a tight storage space, summer is a great season to de-clutter your home!

Thankfully there are a number of clever storage solutions available, all of which will enable you to successfully organise the likes of bedrooms, bathrooms and studies.

Tame that clutter

When it comes to clearing clutter, it’s important to work methodically. Tackling one room at a time is a great place to start, whilst taking on too much at once can prove overwhelming. Working your way through one section at a time will allow you to create dramatic results.

It will also make the process easier from a motivational perspective. By portioning off your work into easily identified chunks, you give yourself a better sense of accomplishment for each completed area.


Household necessities

Household necessities are often difficult to store, yet despite this, they’re still essential. Stackable plastic drawers certainly come in handy when storing the likes of batteries, chargers, light bulbs and medicines.

You can even go so far as to label each drawer, which makes it even easier to find items in a hurry. It’s also helpful for making sure that well-meaning family members and visiting friends don’t mess up your storage systems – a real bonus.


Papers and bills

The likes of bank statements, household bills and school reports are often shoved into a drawer as soon as they arrive in the post. The problem with these important pieces of paper is that they’re just that – important.

When they’re needed, finding them quickly turns into a full-blown treasure hunt! Using folders and files is a great way to separate bills from receipts and bank statements from reports, simply label each file and deposit items in as they arrive.

As a responsible adult, this matters. You never know when you might need a specific item quickly; put the work in and enjoy fewer stressful moments of panic!



If you find that you spend most mornings running around the house looking for the odd shoe, books, bags and raincoats, it’s time to get organised. Giving each person in the household their very own labelled basket is a great way to solve this problem.

From schoolwork to books to mail, when you find something that belongs to another, simply pop it in their basket. The additional sense of ownership will help also when dealing with unruly youngsters; encourage them to personalise their basket so that they feel more inclined towards its use.


Clever storage solutions

Whether you’re a student in halls or a family in an apartment, the likelihood is you won’t have much space to work with. Instead of cluttering up floor space with shoes, bags and books, use cleverly organised shelving systems instead. Investing in several pretty boxes is not only a great way to hide away any unwanted clutter; it’s also a great way to store away important documents, accessories and clothing.

Small home improvements can be done very quickly and easily, while for anyone wishing to build some larger storage solutions or change the layout of their property, home improvement loans could be a solution.


Learn like a pro

There’s always more to pick up around there, and it has one goal: make your life easier! Check around online for more useful tips such as those from professional house cleaners. The experience and perspective will prove valuable in helping you design a cleaning regime that is fair on your time and powerful in its results.


Here to make life easy

Thanks for checking out another great blog from the team at Everyday Loans! We’re here to help you meet your financial needs. If you’re in the market for a home improvement or general loan, don’t hesitate to look at our website’s main page.

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