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Five ways to cut your household bills


There are a number of ways to minimise the costs of your household bills. In fact, all it takes is a little time and effort.

Invest in energy efficient lighting

One of the easiest ways to cut down on household bills is to invest in energy efficient lighting. LEDs (also known as light emitting diodes) are a great option when it comes to saving on energy bills. Replacing your existing wasteful incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs can in fact save you hundreds per year. Not only do they last longer, they also emit up to 75% more light than that of the average bulb with only 25% of this is converted to heat.

Bundle your services

Putting all of your eggs into one basket when it comes to household bills is an easy way to save. Moving all of your accounts to just the one provider will often earn you a discount. Having them all in one place also makes them easier to manage when it comes to paying them off each month.

Use coupons

Newspapers, websites and emailsoften feature coupons, which can be used to cut costs on everything from household must-haves to supermarket produce. Collecting these coupons on a regular basis is a great way to save a little each and every month.

Get energy smart

If you dread opening your energy bills each month, it’s time to do something about this. Installing a programmable thermostat is certainly one way to reduce your household bills, as you can set it to run less when everyone is out at work.

Energy saving devices

From lights that can be set to turn off after a certain period of time, to solar power systems, there are a number of energy saving devices available. By installing a solar power system, you’ll enjoy a more equitable relationship with your local utility provider whilst also doing your bit for the environment.

This valuable source of technology is proving to be a 21st century game changer when it comes to supplying cost-effective power to the home and you may want to consider investing in it. If you need a little help with the initial finances then personal credit loans are available for homeowners looking to make home improvements.

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