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Five Unbelievable Celebrity Purchases

Celebrities. They do a wonderful job of keeping us entertained! Whether through their songs, shows and sports, they’re an integral part of our entertainment time. Some, however, are equally hilarious and shocking for another reason: their astronomically absurd spending choices!

new-year Five Unbelievable Celebrity Purchases

In the spirit of common sense, we’ve put together our favourite selection of jaw-dropping jaunts into financial insanity. While our own budgets might be more modest, we can still learn some common financial sense by looking at these spectacular examples of excessive investments. Keep reading!

Link: Kim Basinger Bought a Town

1989. An eventful year long since passed. It’s also the year Kim literally bought a town. That’s right.

Not content with the purchase of a mere building as many of us lofty normal folk aspire to, Basinger’s bid bought up almost all of the two-thousand-acre township located in Braselton, Georgia. With aims of developing the town into both a film studio and tourist attraction, the stunning purchase left many critical of Kim’s common sense! The rich history of the town was also a concern to its previous owners and residents.

Sadly, the good times didn’t last. A mere handful of years later in 1995, Kim Basinger had the township sold as part of her payments towards the managing of her bankruptcy.

Link: Tamara Ecclestone Needed a Crystal Tub

A good scrub does you good. A few minutes in the shower is exceptionally normal. We might grumble now and then about having the plumber over to fix a problem with the tub.

Tamara, conversely, spends one and a half million Dollars on a bathtub carved out of a giant Amazonian rock crystal! The astronomical purchase, made possible largely due to the lady being the heiress of an F1 racing family fortune, understandably drew attention worldwide.

It’s not too outrageous, though: the crystal only cost eight hundred thousand Dollars. It was the cost of having experts carve it in addition to the structural reinforcement of her house that made up the remainder of the staggering sum. That’s a little more reasonable, surely!

Link: Nicholas Cage Bought a Dinosaur

Well, the head at least. Known for his eccentricity on the stage and movie screen, it’s perhaps less surprising that the famous actor would be inclined towards such a purchase.

What did he buy specifically? The skull of a Tyrannosaurus Bataar, a close relative to the quintessential Tyrannosaurus Rex. Believed to have been alive and biting over seventy million years ago, the sound financial decision cost Nicholas Cage in the region of two hundred and seventy-six thousand Dollars.

The story doesn’t end there. After receiving the proof of ownership several years after the purchase itself, the skull was found to be stolen! Being a relic located originally in Mongolia, Nicholas Cage did the right thing and eventually handed the prized possession back to the Mongolian government for safe storage and museum display.

Link: Jay-Z and Beyonce Snapped Up an Island

Getting on the property ladder is a respectable priority for any average citizen. Some of us dream of the day when we don’t rent anymore, living as the owner of a respectable house to share with our friends and family.

Buying a four million Dollar island in the Bahamas is a little different; it’s also exactly what power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce did. Working through fully legal channels, the two stars finalized the purchase of a significant land mass in the area to call their own. An enviable purchase, to say the least!

Link: Victoria Beckham Wanted a Gold Phone

Spice girl superstar and wife of famous footballer David Beckham, Victoria is no stranger to attention. As part of the eclectic, famous lifestyle that seems to breed eccentricity, the singer snapped up a phone case from designer Stuart Hughes worth an incredible thirty-five thousand Dollars.

You could buy more than a few top-end iPhones for that kind of money!

Back to Reality – Can We Help?

 We hope these fun examples of money gone mad have livened your day and helped give a little perspective on financial responsibility! It’s always tempting to spend on things we don’t need; are you doing a Nicholas Cage purchase of your own each month? Even if your income is lower, it’s all relative.

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