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Finding the Christmas bargain

Bad Credit LoansNew research has revealed that almost half of UK consumers are more switched on than ever before when it comes to finding the best deals while Christmas shopping.

The majority of UK shoppers (60%) admitted to be more conscious of what they’re spending, according to a survey carried by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks. Brits in living in the South East region lead the way with up to 68% being more aware of their spending. In contrast, only 53% of the population in East England agreed to this.

Overall, 47% of British consumers are shopping around for bargains these days, looking for the best deal. Welsh Britons are the ones who care most about this (59%), while people in the East Midlands are not so ‘bargain orientated’, with only 40% of their population admitting to looking for the best deals.

Female shopping trends

52% of females said they would take the time to look for Christmas bargains, compared to just 40% of men.

Despite being more focused on ‘cheap shopping’, a recent study from NS&I revealed that half of UK women would blow their Christmas budget on ‘little extra’ gifts – even when the majority of Christmas presents have been purchased.

While 46% of women exceed their budget by buying last minute holiday gifts, men are much more sensitive regarding Christmas gift giving.

“But despite 34% of UK shoppers saying they’re more focussed on saving money this year, and two-thirds (66%) of our own customers saying that they wouldn’t be spending anymore on their Christmas celebrations than they did last year, the UK’s festive spirit needn’t be dampened because knowing you’ve found a bargain makes giving that present a little more special come Christmas Day,” said Steve Reid, Retail Director for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks.

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