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Electric car sales jump despite need for more charge points

Electric car sales jump despite need for more charge points

In the UK and all across the world consumers are becoming more and more ethically aware. The decisions we make as consumers determine the actions of industry and one of the most prominent ways in which this new ethical capitalism is manifesting itself is in environmental terms.

A growing awareness of the impact our actions have on the environment, coupled with the rising cost of fuel and the political issues which come along with it, have lead to a surge in interest in energy efficiency.

This is as apparent in the motoring industry as anywhere else.

The green take-off

The rise in popularity of green cars is being encouraged by the UK Government who made a pledge to contribute £5,000 towards each all-electric vehicle which was sold in the UK. While their uptake was initially slower than expected, electric cars are now taking off.

In March of 2014, figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported that over 1,000 electric cars had been sold that month. One year earlier, the figure had been no more than 270.

Hybrid cars are also rising in popularity, offering consumers a stepping stone into the green car market. This year has seen the sale of well over 10,000 hybrid vehicles in the UK alone – a 45% increase.

Counting charge points

This increase in the popularity of electric vehicles has been sudden, creating a worry about whether we currently have the facilities in place to deal with the demand. The number of charge points around the UK is notoriously low, posing a potential problem for those who are considering a move to all-electric motoring.

This problem is surely only to be a temporary one, with the trend promising to move in only one direction.

Green motoring trends in other countries have been similarly promising. Since 2011, the number of electric vehicles has increased four-fold. Norway boasts an electric market share of 20% in new car sales, while Japan boasts a whopping 74,000 electric vehicles on their streets.

The future of the car market, both in and outside the UK, looks set to be very green indeed and with high availability of loans for cars, consumers may find it easier than ever to get on board.

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