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Cut these four modern expenses to save money

There’s an interesting phenomenon taking place: people all over the world are rejecting the gadget lifestyle! With so many apps and devices in the average person’s everyday life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

It’s not just about reducing stress – as if that wasn’t a good enough reason in the first place! There are significant savings to be had by returning to a more basic, mindful lifestyle. Many of the subscriptions and monthly payments we all pay for every month and year could be ditched and the financial reward can be massive.

With that in mind, let’s review a set of items that you can consider removing. A cleaner, freer life and a bit more money in your pocket. Sounds great!

The phone

Smartphones are first on the list for a reason: most of us are paying far too much for our contracts.

In the period around 2007 when the first generations of smartphones like the iPhone came onto the market, people understandably flooded to shops to get signed up. The cost of the phones led most to opt for inflated monthly payments with three-year lock-in contracts instead of paying more up front.

This is such a normal part of the average life now that it’s barely even considered an expense. The truth? The average person could save an incredible amount of money by leaving their current provider.

The market for more budget smartphones is booming. You could even save or make money by purchasing a cheaper – yet still capable – smartphone, selling your current one and switching to a competitive pay-as-you-go plan.

The trendy coffee

Wait, don’t leave the page! We’re not suggesting you stop drinking coffee entirely. We’re not that mad.

What we are suggesting is a swap from the Starbucks and Costa lifestyle to a homemade approach. Most people are vaguely aware that it’s not a great idea financially to buy a £3.50 coffee every morning before work. The average coffee purchaser can easily be buying £50 worth every month!

The barrier is the preference for that fancy style instead of instant or basic filter coffee. Instead of being miserable without a latte, consider investing in a budget coffee making machine after having kicked the expensive habit for a month. You can still enjoy your favourite styles and you’ll be paying a drastically lower amount per month.

The takeout food

We all see the ads for the major takeaway websites like Just Eat and Hungry House. They’re tempting for their convenience and selection, but they’re never cheap.

We get it, it’s about picking up the phone or tapping in an order and impatiently waiting 40 minutes. You don’t want to cook or you’re in a hurry.

The problem here is that these meals are mostly unhealthy to some degree and are highly overpriced. If you’re looking for convenience and want to save money, you can cut these orders out and consider the booming market for pre-packaged foot kits with recipes that you can easily follow.

Many of these services are offered on a subscription basis and are a great way to enjoy quality meals that are simpler and easier to follow and make. If you’re serious about cutting cost and are happy to put in the effort, you can simply get involved in learning to cook and buy ingredients for your own recipes from your local supermarket.

Cable TV

This might be preaching to the choir! Cable TV subscriptions are suffering every month in the UK, thanks to competition from Amazon and Netflix. It’s easy to see why: they’re cheaper and in many cases better.

If you’ve got an expensive TV subscription, consider removing it and relying instead on one of the above options. You can combine this with free catch-up and on-demand services that main providers like the BBC now offer for free. The savings can be massive, and you’ll enjoy a wider selection in many cases. Winner!

Can we help?

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