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Ten Fun Family Things To Do This February Half Term Without Breaking the Budget

It can be a challenge keeping the kids entertained on the cheap during half term – but being strapped for cash doesn’t mean you have to be short on ideas. There are lots of things to see, do and experience this February half term – and we promise that not one of our ideas will […]

Five of our favourite ways to make sure that hearts and budgets aren’t broken this Valentine’s Day

For many it’s the most romantic day of the year – the perfect opportunity to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us. But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to splash lots of cash in the name of true love. In fact, we think that some clever cost-effective creativity […]

Nine Simple Ways To Transform Your Finances In 2019

2019 is upon us and, as many are carrying out New Year resolutions and making positive changes to our lives, it’s a great time to sort out any money matters. By acting quickly to change even just a few financial habits, it’s often easy to get back on a back on track. Here are our […]

How to plan ahead and reduce the cost of Christmas

Christmas is an expensive time of year, but it really shouldn’t leave you in the red. By planning ahead and setting some ground rules, you won’t have to start 2019 struggling to make ends meet. So with eight weeks to go until the big day – we know, we know, it’s only October. Should we […]

Managing the costs of going back to school

With just a couple of weeks to go until the children go back to school, most of us are now making those necessary purchases in preparation. So as parents and carers across the country set off for the shops to buy uniforms, bags, stationery, sports kits and tech for the new academic year, covering the […]

Here’s our top seven tips to repairing your credit rating

Results from a recent report suggest that 80% of Brits have no idea of their credit score. Another study shows that six million of us aren’t eligible for everyday products and services because of our bad credit histories. As a result, almost three million of us have been rejected for a mobile phone contract, two […]

How to Save Money on Weddings

We’ve all heard the stories. Weddings are expensive, it’s easy to see why. The truth is that we’re all human when it comes to money. Even the most frugal among us can become swept up in the romance and beauty of such an occasion, leading to unchecked spending and extravagant purchases. It surprises many a […]

Brit’s lack savings to deal with emergencies

Three in five Brits do not have £1,000 in savings that could be used in an emergency situation, new research has revealed. Those questioned by Gocompare.com Savings said they believed they need £1,200 set aside for a ‘rainy day’ yet 59% of people had less than £1,000. Worryingly still, a quarter of Brits have no […]

Christmas is coming, get planning!

Christmas is on the horizon and warnings are already being made to ensure that households do not start 2015 as they did this year. Research from the Money Advice Service showed that 34% of people started the New Year in 2014 in debt after spending heavily at Christmas. Festive spending can quickly add up and […]