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Our latest branch in Newport is open for business!

Unsecured personal loan specialist Everyday Loans has announced the launch of its new branch in Newport. Located in the heart of Newport, this latest branch opening marks Everyday Loans 52nd UK branch. The new office located at Commercial Street gives local customers the opportunity to discuss their lending needs in person, and face-to-face with Everyday […]

Five Unbelievable Celebrity Purchases

Celebrities. They do a wonderful job of keeping us entertained! Whether through their songs, shows and sports, they’re an integral part of our entertainment time. Some, however, are equally hilarious and shocking for another reason: their astronomically absurd spending choices! In the spirit of common sense, we’ve put together our favourite selection of jaw-dropping jaunts […]

How Laziness Drains Your Wallet

We’re all lazy at times; we’re all guilty of it! Instead of looking explicitly at how to avoid being lazy, it’s time to switch things up. We’ve selected a few key scenarios in which the most benign laziness can cost you some serious cash. These situations aren’t special, but they are frequent and more common […]

Announcing the opening of the East Finchley branch

The professional and local lender Everyday Loans is delighted to announce the opening of its newest branch in East Finchley. The latest addition brings Everyday Loans branch count to a total of 41, providing the UK with face to face, tailored support to customers looking for personal unsecured credit. Specifically situated in the north of […]

Scam Warning: Best Loans Direct

24 Jul 2015 – We have recently been made aware of a scam where a company promoting itself as Best Loans Direct is suggesting to customers that they are affiliated to, or part of Everyday Loans.   Email address used by the scam: loan.lender@gmx.com Web Address: https://www.bestloansdirect.co.uk/ Associated Phone Numbers: 0151 528 9009 Everyday Loans Limited and Everyday Lending […]

Buying a new car: the ultimate guide

When buying a new car there is plenty to consider. From picking the best dealership to size, colour and comfort, getting it right is a decision that requires a lot of thought. Of course financing a new car is another thing to mull over, as a limited budget may prove to be restrictive when it […]

How much does it cost to be a kid today?

There is a preconceived idea that being a child is much less stressful than being an adult – but with the cost of everything rising – is this necessarily true?  Being a child is no longer free; with the expense of driving lessons and the rising cost of university – being a child is turning […]

Going abroad? What you need to know

Many people choose to explore the world at some point in their life – whether it’s just for a short city break or for a full-on trip around every continent. Whatever your type of excursion, there are certain things to consider when going abroad – from having enough finance to possessing a valid passport. Here, […]

What steps should you go through when making home improvements?

Making changes to a home can come in all shapes and sizes. Some of you may want to modernise its features whilst others may want to simply maintain the period character of the building. However, making drastic changes to a home can be expensive and certain procedures need to take place. In some instances this […]