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Five Unbelievable Celebrity Purchases

Celebrities. They do a wonderful job of keeping us entertained! Whether through their songs, shows and sports, they’re an integral part of our entertainment time. Some, however, are equally hilarious and shocking for another reason: their astronomically absurd spending choices! In the spirit of common sense, we’ve put together our favourite selection of jaw-dropping jaunts […]

How Laziness Drains Your Wallet

We’re all lazy at times; we’re all guilty of it! Instead of looking explicitly at how to avoid being lazy, it’s time to switch things up. We’ve selected a few key scenarios in which the most benign laziness can cost you some serious cash. These situations aren’t special, but they are frequent and more common […]

The Saving Crisis – Why So Few Have a Rainy-Day Fund

It was recently revealed by a House of Lords committee that 40% of the working-age population have less than £100 in savings, with just 41% of British households admitting that they are saving. While financial advisers recommend that savings of between two and three months are kept (on top of spending money, pensions and other […]

How to Save Money on Weddings

We’ve all heard the stories. Weddings are expensive, it’s easy to see why. The truth is that we’re all human when it comes to money. Even the most frugal among us can become swept up in the romance and beauty of such an occasion, leading to unchecked spending and extravagant purchases. It surprises many a […]

UK mortgage holders confident of their financial position

Three in five mortgage holders in the UK believe they will be in a similar or improved financial position in three years’ time, according to new data. Around half expect their finances to be broadly unchanged while 10% expect improvement, the Council of Mortgage Lenders has revealed. The figures revealed in conjunction with YouGov, show […]

Brits planning energy rationing this winter

British households are preparing to limit their energy usage this winter, according to the latest research from Gocompare.com. Nine out of every ten people – 87% of the population – are planning to ration energy usage in an attempt to keep bills down. Winter fuel bills can be notoriously high, but only 22% of those […]

Christmas is coming, get planning!

Christmas is on the horizon and warnings are already being made to ensure that households do not start 2015 as they did this year. Research from the Money Advice Service showed that 34% of people started the New Year in 2014 in debt after spending heavily at Christmas. Festive spending can quickly add up and […]