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By Andrew Wayland, Everyday Loans

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Don't let tight purse strings slow your outdoor entertaining down this summer. Instead, embrace the challenge of throwing a savvy socially-distanced BBQ on a budget with these eight money-saving ideas.

  1. Shop sensibly

    Shop in discount supermarkets that offer great value and even better BBQ food. Head there first to stock up on everything you need and then pick up whatever they don't sell elsewhere.

    Also look for yellow stickers in the run up. Supermarkets often make final reductions on food that's about to go out of date just before they close. By nipping in just before it closes, you could bag yourself a bargain. Discounts range from a few pence to more than 90%. Then put it in the freezer and defrost when you need it.

  2. Don't be afraid to go cheap on the meat

    Consider using a less expensive meat. Chicken thighs are great when making kebabs - much cheaper and tastier than breast, which can also be bought frozen. Plan and marinate it overnight. Pork belly and chicken legs could also do the job. Both cuts of meat are relatively inexpensive.

    Home-made burgers are also easy to make, and cheaper than shop bought. And make your mincemeat go further by adding breadcrumbs, pureed veggies and another inventive add-ins.

  3. Pimp up burgers

    Serve a selection of impressive - yet inexpensive - toppings to create a meaty masterpiece between two buns. Pickled gherkins, sliced salad, grilled mushrooms and sliced pineapple rings are all great ways to make a standard burger super. And they're great fun to build, too.

  4. Celebrate the kebab

    Kebabs are a neat way to showcase a few different - and inexpensive - ingredients. Load them up with mushrooms, large pieces of onion and bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and a few chunks of meat. Cut costs here further by using cheap stewing steak and tougher cuts but make sure you marinate it overnight. They'll be tasty without costing too much.

  5. Serve lots of sides

    Fill up the table with lots of cheap and tasty side dishes. The likes of pasta, potato and three-bean salads can be quickly rustled up on a budget and are firm al fresco eating favourites.

  6. Ask guests to contribute

    If inviting guests from outside your household, ask them to bring a bottle or two and a couple of packs of burgers and rolls. They'll happily pitch in, for sure.

  7. Throw a Pizza Party

    Grilled pizza is not only delicious, but it's inexpensive too! Buy a ready rolled pizza dough from the supermarket, a bag of white bread mix or, if you're feeling really foodie, make your own. Likewise, with the tomato sauce.

    They'll grill up in a flash and you can get creative with the toppings to keep the cost down, too.

  8. Go meat-free

    Meat is the priciest part of the barbecue menu, so why not give vegetarian grilling a go instead? Grill sweetcorn, cauliflower steaks, beetroot, peppers and pineapple are make a tasty change. Check out the many delicious vegetable BBQ recipes online for inspiration.

Andrew Wayland - Marketing Director

Andrew WaylandAndrew helped set up Everyday Loans back in 2006 acting as the driving force behind the sales and marketing strategy for generating business to this day. Prior to his position with Everyday Loans he worked as the Head of Commercial Development for a tech start up and ran his own PR agency for around 5 years.