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About Andrew Wayland

Andrew Wayland is a financial marketing expert and helped set up Everyday Loans back in 2006. Prior to his position as Head of Marketing for Everyday Loans he worked as the Head of Commercial Development for a tech start up and ran his own PR agency for around 5 years. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-wayland-9018074

Managing the costs of going back to school

With just a couple of weeks to go until the children go back to school, most of us are now making those necessary purchases in preparation. So as parents and carers across the country set off for the shops to buy uniforms, bags, stationery, sports kits and tech for the new academic year, covering the […]

Here’s our top seven tips to repairing your credit rating

Results from a recent report suggest that 80% of Brits have no idea of their credit score. Another study shows that six million of us aren’t eligible for everyday products and services because of our bad credit histories. As a result, almost three million of us have been rejected for a mobile phone contract, two […]

Money-saving lessons we learn from our parents

Parents. While living and growing up with them can be difficult at times, there’s no denying the life lessons we receive from them! Money is no exception. Growing up, your role models and parents  help shape your spending and saving habits and any lesson learned is important and worth remembering! Today we’re listing a few […]

Brits and impulse buys: What’s the story?

One in seven Brits has admitted that they would spend to up £100 on an impulse buy and on average we spend £144,000 on them in our lifetime – eek! Today we’re going to dig a little deeper into the statistics for your benefit. Appreciating these numbers and figures will help put your savings journey […]

What’s the cost of raising a child?

From food to childcare and holidays to education, the cost of bringing up children can be significant. For many couples thinking about starting a family, considering the financial implications of expanding their household is another vital item on the long list of parenthood! Though the exact cost of bringing up a child will vary depending […]

Sharing the love: Understanding joint finances

Managing your money together when you’re in a serious relationship can be tricky business. In fact, one of the biggest problems in most relationships comes down to money – more specifically; communication about money. While money can’t buy love – it can tear it apart. So, here is your guide to understanding your joint finances […]