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Affordability the biggest housing issue say Britons

homeThe difficulties associated with getting on the property ladder are among the primary concerns when it comes to housing, according to the results of a latest poll.

Affordability was listed as a key issue when respondents were asked to name the “biggest problem that needs to be solved” in a survey by The Guardian and ICM.

Almost a third of those to reply (29%) listed “homebuyers’ difficulties in getting a mortgage” to cover the cost of a home as the main issue.

A further 24% highlighted the lack of social and council housing while 15% said “excessive rents” were also cause for concern.

This means that 64% of those to respond listed some form of cost as the biggest problem whereas just 8% of people suggested the issue was down to poor housing stock.

Growing concern about price pressures on the property market were evident the last time the housing market crashed, making it a key issue.

Prices are picking up at pace – Nationwide suggest an 8.8% rise throughout 2013 and although prices are not yet at their pre-recession peak, they are still concerning.

Around 63% of those questioned wanted the market to stabilise and a further 20% wanted prices to drop.

Finances are an issue for many families, especially those with bad credit as it is very difficult to gain access to a mortgage.

Loans for people with bad credit can help the situation for those that are desperately in need of funds although other options should be considered first.

The Help to Buy schemes have helped some people to access the market, as less funding is required for deposits as the government provides a guarantee on part of the mortgage.

Solving housing issues will be viewed as a priority in the years to come and will likely influence the 2015 general election.

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