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The advantages of living in the countryside  

ruralDespite experiencing many years of rising prices, it seems that Britain’s more rural locations are enjoying a little negative inflation.

Escaping to the countryside

Whether you’re looking to escape the buzz of the busy city, searching for a safe location in which to bring up the little ones or alternatively, you’ve always dreamt of retiring in the countryside, now may be the time to put these plans into action. Why? Because the cost of living is at last falling in rural areas.

Factors to consider

Although the last two months have revealed inflation in rural communities to stand at below zero, everyday essentials such as food items and household goods still appear to be around 40% more costly in the countryside than in the city. This is certainly something worth thinking about if you’re planning a big move. According to recent studies, a weekly shop in a rural area will cost you around £116.97, however, the same shop in the city will only set you back £83.80.

Why make the move?

Moving from the city to the countryside can be a daunting yet exciting procedure. It may mean that you’re able to spend more quality time with your loved ones or invest in a more spacious property; while also still having easy access to the city for work. If you still wish to work in the city, then there are a few factors to consider prior to making the move. You may wish to enquire about working from home one or two days of the week and you will also need to check costs when it comes to commuting to and from work. Monthly train pass can be a solution and can be more cost-effective than that of driving and parking expenses.

The joys of rural life

Although living costs may be slightly higher in rural areas, the quality of life in the countryside is often much better. Due to this factor alone, many are willing to pay the extra costs.

An alternative to a rural move is to consider improving where you already are – home improvement loans  can provide financial support in such instances although care should be taken to ensure all costs are taken into account when calculating a repayment plan.

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